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Hochul Hoax

Happy Holohoax season!  New York pseudo governor, clown of the people, moron from Buffalo, heretic who acts on command of jews, Kathy Hochul, unleashes jewish wrath, victimizing school children, berating the education system for not working hard enough to convince goy that six million jews died in the showers soaking up Zykon B.  Oi vey, the justification of Israel is a lie, now New York State forces ‘high quality’ holohoax education on children, at taxpayers expense!!!

Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to ensure schools are providing high-quality Holocaust education.

Let’s take it from the top.  Supreme Allied Psychological Warfare Division under command of Brigadier General Robert McClure, working with the nefarious C.D. Jackson, along with Hollywood film jew Billy Wilder, concoct a script of shrunken heads, soap made from human fat, lampshade of human flesh, ashtray of pelvic bone, tattoo collection on human skin, yada yada, yada, where Ohrdruf, Buchenwald, Belsen, become Billy Wilder’s film sets for the Holohoax, with British participation.  Filming the shower rooms at angles keeping the windows off screen set the stage for the Zyklon B hoax.  Ok, Blog readers got it, Eisenhower starred as witness to a really bad movie, script by jews, cinematography by jews, distribution by jews, for jewish agenda … jewish victimhood being justification for killing Palestinians in the name of Israel.

New York State Public Schools are mandated by unconstitutional legislation to teach HOLOHOAX.  Curious kids in chemistry class will ask how an open can of Zyklon B can kill anyone, as the contents must be heated to 90°C to vaporize the liquid hydrogen cyanide soaked in gypsum pellets.  Vapor form of significant airborne concentration needed for kikes to inhale to cause death.  Kids in shop class will ask why the door to the gas chamber does not have a gasket.  Even the curious students in fashion design class will ask why the chamber door is made of wood, with a flimsy latch, and a window.  Why dying kikes could not kick it down?  Kids in math class will start calculating the Zykon to dead jew ratio, then ask how so much insecticide was produced beyond plant capacity.  Where are all the empty cans?  Even 4H Club members will question the lack of ashes, bone fragments, teeth, in evidence of kike disposal.  The geography students will ask why only eight camps on Soviet controlled post-war territory were used to exterminate jews, but none of the other twelve camps had gas chambers.  The analytics kid asks about the logistics of killing over 3,000 kikes a day for six years, in only eight camps, some not built until later in the war.  Even school cafeteria workers will question why so much food was shipped to these camps to feed the soon to be dead.  Why did the Red Cross not report on the genocide after visiting major camps, were they conspirators?  No one took a picture?  Biology class will ask about the 2.4M jews before the war, 6M gassed, then 3.8M after the war, many with Russian accents, holding displaced person status.  Students of creative writing might inspect Nuremberg exhibits USSR#8 and #52, fictional affidavits of non-identifiable persons with suggestions of horrific tales.  All evidence of a hoax.

The curious vocational students might ask why German camps were built with windows, heat, running water, proper toilets and bathing facilities to house jews awaiting extermination, when USA imprisoned Japanese-Americans in ten camps in deserts, with no running water?  Why were Germans so accommodating to those to be exterminated?  As Himmler was responsible for prison labor, which Göring needed for war factories, why would Himmler kill off the essential labor pool?  How does the Holohoax at Auschwitz square with the daily muster reports from camp commandant to Berlin headquarters, which the British intercepted and hold in archives?  Why do the Soviets hold all the records from Auschwitz, including 66k death certificates documenting all who died there?  Germans are documentation fanatics, even birth certificates for babies born in the maternity ward, in the hospital down the street from the concert hall and the swimming pool.  Also recorded are amounts of coke delivered to Auschwitz over several years, which was used in the crematorium, not enough to pull off a Holohoax.

The more inquisitive kids will ask how 1.5 million jews were exterminated at Treblinka II, gassed with the exhaust of a single 200hp gasoline tank engine, corpses stacked with firewood, burned, remains crushed with hammers, but no evidence of fire, ash, human remains, anywhere on the site.  Chemistry students are going to ask why Germans did not just produce carbon monoxide gas from burning wood in a oxygen limited furnace, simple, inexpensive, deadly.  Chemistry kids going to erupt with laughter on claim of Zyklon B, hydrogen cyanide, but no residual Prussian blue from reacting with iron in brick walls, mortar, plaster, or concrete floor.  Oops!  Poor teachers are going to have to make up some pretty clever stories to get past kids today, who are a whole lot smarter, less gullible, than elder stooges who believe the HOLOHOAX story.

Kids in civics class will ask why the state holds cause to teach jewish lies to non-jewish kids in a secular society, how Hochul’s action is not a violation of the First Amendment, free expression and free exercise clause, NY talmudic edict is free to be hated, rejected, scorned, vilified by school kids, parents, education boards, why Second Amendment protections should not be applied to defeat the new law?  Why should school kids support Israel?  Because Hochul orders it?

Kathy Hochul is naïve to think that kids today are going to buy into the Holohoax of jewish propaganda from 77 years ago.  Kids today caught on to Santa Claus, tooth fairy, boogey man, and that the world is not flat, well before they learned to download apps on the iPad.  Hochul is a nut, a jewish puppet, a domestic enemy of the Constitution.  The New York legislature is owned by jews, goy don’t matter, lies will be made into law, from authority comes truth, why anti-semitism is on the rise, talmudic spells no longer work on goy.

Blog history department sends out a big fuck you to Kathy Hochul and her HOLOHOAX legislation.  In other countries controlled by jews it is a crime to deny the hoax; in the land of the free and the home of the brave, the jew is laid bare by lies and deceptions on which parasites rely to destroy an enlightened society.

In 1994, on release of ‘Schindler’s List’, New York mandated schools to teach holohoax propaganda, many schools are non-compliant, which pisses off the jews, their story properly rejected.

“‘Never forget’ is more than a slogan, it’s what we preach, but I want to make sure it’s really being taught,” Hochul said.

Perhaps Hochul is just inciting a free people to rise up, tear down her totalitarian regime, replace it with a government ‘of the people, for the people, and by the people’.  Never forget, ‘we the people’ are sovereign, clowns like Hochul can refresh the Tree of Liberty.

Hochul HOLOHOAX survivor!!


Creation of Holohoax started before Eisenhower got to Ohrdruf, psy-ops continues in New York, 77 years later, Kathy Hochul the new minister of propaganda.

Instruction on Holohoax, focus on identifying school district instruction on Holohoax meeting learning standards of Holohoax; superintendents to attest to Holohoax instruction is compliant at all grade levels. Kaplan