The First Amendment protects the marketplace of ideas, being the essence of a free people engaged in self-governance. The now famous-Blog proposes some ideas for the marketplace to remedy the evils of child trafficking in the Connecticut family courts.

First and foremost, a mob of self-governing philosophers raid the State Supreme Court, drag all the judges out to the middle of Capitol Avenue and behead them. The brainless skulls can be placed on pikes as a form of expression of what happens to domestic enemies of the Constitution. Think of said action as public redress to the abomination of liberty scripted by Robinson in State v Taupier. What is protected speech elsewhere in the country is criminal speech in Connecticut based on rough equivalency. No reason to lose heads over the Fourteenth Amendment. No reason to cry over dead justices who usurp the power of the sovereign by conferring absolute immunity on a white limousine driver in the employ of an Indian Casino, or provide absolute immunity for jewish lawyers, trafficking children as GALs in family court. Legislature of the goy be dammed, the seven dwarfs will issue laws for the goy. A heap of judicial carcasses in the middle of the street provides reference for future jurists of similar persuasion.

Lacking societal benefit, the building that has brought forth twisted and tyrannical interpretations of law, requires a grand bonfire of the insanities. Burning the edifice of anti-American opinions to the ground is a great opportunity to cleanse the jewdicial filth from the true culture of a sovereign people. Raping childhood is simply jewish. As Jefferson accurately opined in 1787: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” These words ring true today, where rotting judicial carcasses are the natural manure to refresh the tree of liberty. Although Connecticut has made such grotesque perversions of undelegated powers that Miracle Grow is needed.

In 1821, Jefferson recognized judicial evil, stating: “As, for the safety of society, we commit honest maniacs to Bedlam, so judges should be withdrawn from their bench, whose erroneous biases are leading us to dissolution. It may indeed injure them in fame or in fortune; but it saves the republic, which is the first and supreme law.” Time to dispatch these judges to permanent Bedlam, as their conduct requires, protection of children being paramount and not left to greedy, unbridled, jewish based discretion.

Next idea for the marketplace is to root out the weeds of domestic terrorism seeded in the garden of Patriots. Pretty much the usual suspects, the incompetent clowns cast out of jurisprudence to dwell in family court. If these judges are not good enough to handle traffic tickets, why not burn them all? Hartford Incinerator has the capacity. Then torch the benches of family court, send all the worthless support staff to the gas chamber, the public payback for conspiring to harm children. Such monsters have no place in a civilized society. Nothing like the smell of liberty when a GAL like Mary Brigham, protected by jewdicial ‘absolute immunity’, goes up in flames fueled by unpaid invoices of unlimited billing, her charred flesh falling in chunks into the crackling fire, the consequence of a favored jewdicial appointment.

Reaffirming separation of powers, the judiciary be stripped of all the self-appointed busy bodies who are paid to make baseless opinions on other people’s children. The communist ideology embedded in the mislabeled ‘family relations division’ must be exterminated, along with the jewish form of psychology that underpins the alien beliefs. The state holds no standards for the typical dysfunctional American family, but the chosen Deborah Fuller will administer her viewpoint discrimination in defiance of 1A, just to advance a private agenda to affect familial destruction. Bring plenty of .308 ball ammunition to hunt down the evil ones, as they flee burning offices.

Words repeated by the high court itself contain the remedy for the present deprivation of rights under the color of state dissolution law. Those who steal kids can face parental wrath of cold dead bleeding cordite filled fists that reloads an assault rifle while an empty 60 round magazine drops to the floor, where the next 30 round mag of hollow points slams home. For tyrants like Bozzuto and deviant pals, who gleefully separate children from mother, it is declared open season, no limit, no tags for predators, where a 250 yard shot is as deadly as a journalist’s question of lack of state’s interest in isolating a parent from a child. The dykish hairdoo stands out well in a nightscope. Force the constitutional question, then due process becomes the kill shot. A parental mob needs no cover and concealment to hold a peaceful candlelight assembly at her house at 415 Winding Brook Farm Road in Watertown, let the death rays from the space station and F35 smart bombs ignite it. The family court is ‘dog shit’, a simple fact, staffed with pretenders in need of permanent dispatch. First Amendment protects the idea that the family court is just a terrorist organization in need of eradication. Peaceful eradication being highly unlikely, terrorists like Bozzuto beg imminent and lawless action to preserve the Republic, for which Oathkeepers and Patriots alike rise in answer, bearing arms. The evil court assholes and self appointed devils will only bring about an escalation that will impact their personal lives and families. When they figure out they are not protected from bad things and their families are taken from them in the same way they took yours then the system will change. Second Amendment rights exist to keep a police state from violating familial rights. The court needs to live in fear of its overreach and harm to children, pushing parents to escalate to violence for the failure in recognition of constitutional rights will only result in semi-automatic perforation of judicial authority; lead poisoning. It is not a public threat to check a rogue judiciary, it is the duty of the sovereign people to purge enemies of the Constitution. Judicial tyranny faces a death penalty, sic semper tyrannis. Not a threat, but a promise of democracy; belt fed ammo being a basis for plenary review.

Let the sovereign people circulate private emails advocating the demise of the judicial tyrants, child predators, and court thieves. Let the judiciary panic as to the demise that awaits them. Let the gestapo goons of government run about, fantasizing over the righteous wrath that will dispose their masters. Let the bell ring that cannot be unrung. The incitement being real and pronounced, the duty to liquidate evil vested in 2A, there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, judgement of the sinful is upon them.

Belt fed ammo, the ultimate redress clause