Protecting Children

The recent drama in Cook County involving a mother-child bond and the clot shot exposed the jews of family court in full splendor. The new revelation is that the little kid was represented by Attorney Michael Bender, who did absolutely nothing when jew Judge James Shapiro violated his client’s constitutional rights. In America, the free and the brave do not employ ten year old little boys as weapons of government punishment against their own mothers who do not partake of experimental genetic modifications. The now famous blog spotlights Attorney Bender and his defective legal abilities in what can only be a child trafficking case played out in full public view.

Michael Bender is a jew. A radical nutjob who wants everyone to believe the Nazis exterminated six million jews during WWII. He was a founding executive board member of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, an institution of jewish propaganda dedicated to brainwashing the goy about the perils of showering in Zyklon B. Bender was also personal counsel to famous Nazi hunter and Mossad operative Simon Wiesenthal. Oi vey, why is Bender around children? Pedo? Bender is a (retired) judge of Cook County, only serving five years, where he claims to have trafficked kids in 40,000 families. He wrote a book ‘PROTECTING CHILDREN‘, in which he claims that his Talmudic beliefs enacted in court treatment of goy calves and their four legged parents is a way to make the world a better place. Sure sounds like the edicts of a rabbinical court straight out of the Talmud … a chosen doctrine of family courts.

Bender is a partner in the two person ‘prolific’ law firm of Caesar & Bender, LLP, practices with fellow child trafficker Molly Caesar, who claims to have ‘broad and deep’ knowledge of family law. He holds the family law ‘Litigator Of The Year’ award from the flim-flam American Trial Lawyer self-promotion association, but he can’t protect his own client’s visitation rights with mother over the whims of jew Judge Shapiro for jewdicial want of a jab. Oi vey, has Bender outed himself as a pedophile? His law partner Molly too? Obviously ‘broad and deep’ does not cover the Bill of Rights: due process, equal protection, unusual punishment. As GAL he tossed his ward under the bus to support daddy Matthew Duiven’s deviant desire to hurt mother Rebecca Farlit. Just unnecessary conflict promoted by jews.

To sum it up, jew boy Bender authors a book to safeguard children from harm of litigation, then represents a little boy who loses mom hugs because of litigation outside constitutional limits, though his law knowledge is broad and deep. The now famous blog calls out the jewish pedophile agenda, three jew lawyers, before a jew judge, trafficking a child for deviant intent, evidenced by frivolous cause to terminate visitation with mother. Classic pedo play.

Beware the jews of family courts.

Attorney Bender plays for the dark side in trafficking his ward over lack of mom’s clot shot, so much for safeguarding a child, the book is not worth reading. Stay away from Bender & Caesar LLP
Faces to avoid. Michael Bender, Molly Caesar. Do not risk kids by involvement of these pedos.