Jew Shapiro

Judge James Shapiro of Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois promotes his jewness for all to see in direct violation of the Constitution. The self-chosen clown in a black robe rules from the Talmud rather than from within the constrains of law. Jew Boy James violates the Eighth Amendment by using a child as weapon of punishment against an un-vaccinated mother, violates the Fifth Amendment by abuse of process. The jews of family court don’t even try to hide it anymore.

Jew James majored in beer pong at Trinity College in Hartford, then studied law at William&Mary, Thomas Jefferson’s alma mater. Needless to say the queer frat boy did not learn what Jefferson learned. This jewish miscreant, funded by the people of Cook County to perform a legal task, thumbs his crooked nose at all, by mandating a maternal clot shot for association with the fruit of her womb. Oi vey, how did this happen? It is jewdicial discretion of family court; familial fuckery absent limitations. Judge Shapiro is a domestic enemy of the Constitution and a danger to children.

Mom and Dad were in court on 10 August for a child support issue. The kid is 11, the divorce happened seven years ago. Something is strange as post judgment child support can be handled by the magistrate with the state agency doing all the paperwork, the worksheet is a no brainer. Out of the blue, sua sponte, Jew Shapiro asks mom if she has been vaccinated, mom says no, so jew boy strips mom of custody and bars all access to her son. Can’t see that was a setup? How much $$$ did Judge Shapiro collect for that favor? There was no motion before the court regarding the vaxx, no notice, summons, opportunity to be heard or call witnesses, just straight up jew tyranny to sever a mother-child bond. So jewish, so obvious.

Of great curiosity is the conduct of mom’s so-called attorney, Annette Frenholz, who is an agent of the jewish AFCC organization. Frenholz played her client, causing Rebecca Firlit to lose her kid in a simple support matter that should have never been in circuit court. Smell a rat? Why is dad, Matthew Duiven playing along with this? Frenholz shares an office with the jewish family law firm of Kirsh & Associates at 211 W. Wacker, suite 1100. Jews stay connected and work together to destroy mothers and rape children while providing ‘counsel’. Looks like another classic pedo play where everyone conspired to rape the kid and cut mom out of the picture. Peter Salem and his Board of child predators must be proud!

More rodent stink surrounds dad’s lawyer Jeffery Leving, a self-proclaimed important father’s rights lawyer. What is going on that two jewish lawyers appear for not rich parents, in a post-judgment support matter, before a jewish judge, where mom loses access to the little boy over a jab? Pedo play in full public view and the judge is in on it! Dad screwing the kid? Of further jewish stench is the child’s attorney, Michael Bender, a dirty insider of family law, who did nothing when his client was weaponized by the jew judge. Three pedo attorneys before a jew judge trafficking a little boy’s ass at the direction of a jew judge. Surprising?

The Talmudic dogma is plain to see. The family court, under a best interest veil will completely destroy the concept of family. Children become creatures of the state, subject to all whims of a jew in a black robe. Reality is that the calves of the four legged animals are under jewish control, absent Christian context or Constitutional protections. Rights of the farm animals no longer exist; just what the jew wants. Judge Shapiro is a member of the Jewish Judges Association of Illinois Foundation, Inc. … blog called that one, just from the headlines.

The setup is a pedo play to isolate the son from his mother so he can’t tell her that he has been drugged, his butt hurts, and some strange friends of dad hang around the house on weekends. There is no basis in law to punish a mother by isolation from her own child because lack of experimental drugs. This is pure pedo. Time to focus on dad and what he is doing to the kid, the judge, and lawyers as well. What sinister purpose does a father hold to isolate his son from mother? This is how pedos roll.

Editor’s note: Judge vacated his jab order Monday, 30 August. Matthew Duiven’s jew lawyer says he will file emergency motion to jab mom … proving again dad is the pedo.

Jew Judge James Shapiro, Cook County pedo protector.