Gloucester Grimm

The jews are at it again, this time undermining the norms of indoor plumbing installed under building codes at the local schools where minors go to pee. Oi vey, is there nothing out of reach of jewery in the American society? Let us bow our heads and pray that these Old Testament fuckups will just die, leaving the meek to inherit the earth. Miscreant Gavin Grimm, a female with a mental disorder, has phobia of the ‘Girls Room’ necessitating a constitutional cause to pee in ‘Boys Room’. Only the jews can turn a mental disorder into a constitutional challenge for the 4th Circuit in Richmond, no one else would spend a dime on it.

Meet U.S. Circuit Judge Henry Floyd, a moron in a black robe appointed to the federal circuit by the gay black man who once lived in the white house. Judge Floyd is a nut from South Carolina, addicted to all things perverted. But like so many of the miscreants on the bench, he is owned by the jews and will do as instructed when it comes to forcing transgender shit on a host society. Floyd ruled today that mentally deranged minors in a public school have constitutional cause to pee where ever they like, whenever they feel like it. Judge Floyd does not cite a particular section of the Constitution which applies to the use of high school bathrooms, but he alludes to equal protection of the 14th Amendment, while pointing to Title IX, a law stating that boys and girls are different. The construction is more than contradictory.

Judge Floyd provides 60 pages of double spaced jewdicial excrement to explain his kafkaesque ‘opinion’. He is joined in another 15 pages of bullshit by nigger boy Judge Wynn, and opposed in 20 pages of constitutional common sense by Judge Niemeyer. In simple terms, two queer Obama appointees provide deviant opinions to one Regan appointee wh has his head on straight. Paedophiles and queers are the democrats. All the queers in the country are arguing for a mentally deranged minor’s choice in where to pee. Of course, if your own sarcastic, flippant, politically incorrect, devious, offspring took a shit in the hallway outside the Principal’s office, claiming not to be a boy or a girl, expulsion results and the jews at Virginia ACLU would not give you the time of day. There is a specific jewish agenda at play with two morons in black robes following the script.

Jew puppet Judge Floyd makes his construction on fallacy logic. The mentally deranged Grimm was born a girl, does not have a dick, can’t pee in the girls bathroom by mental defect, which causes urinary tract infections. Floyd even quotes the DSM V to make legal claim that Grimm has a recognized mental disorder. Floyd then waives his hands, jumps up and down, does the hokey-pokey, turns around to equal protection and cites Title IX, boom…..creates a jewish constitutional cause for queer choice of bathrooms … oi vey! America, where have you gone?

Note that the nice folks at Gloucester High School built three single stall uni-sex bathrooms around the school to accommodate all mental disorders, but this was not acceptable to the the jewish agenda, which requires the goy to follow the jew’s transgender farce to the letter. The jew gets very upset when the goy objects to a kike’s view of goy humanity. There can be no special bathrooms, only boys and girls, then the deviants invade to undermine any semblance of cultural mores. Just plain jewish!!! Everything American society knows about transgender-ism, gender-fluidity and other such mental disorders is scripted by jews … all of it. If it is LBGTQI … it is jewish.

What is startling about today’s action of the federal court is that the matter is MOOT. Gavin Grimm is now an adult, attending college, not in high school, with no claim to pee in the wrong bathroom with other minors at a public school. Why wasn’t the case dismissed? Oh, right, da jews!!!

The flaw in the transgender (jewish) argument is that girls with XX chromosomes who suffer from a mental disorder wishing they were boys, having no balls, no dick, no prostrate gland, taking testosterone injections, and surgically removing their tits cannot suffer from boy sex discrimination as they are not boys … got it? Equal protection means that all boys, similarly situated get to use the boys bathroom, keeping girls out, including the ones with the mental disorder, that is just fine under American law.

Try reading the bullshit decision here. It is pretty gross. Keep in mind that the jewish prize is the legal right to rape little boys at will.

Judge Paul Niemeyer, lone voice of reason, dissents from jewish script.
Gavin Grimm, a puppet for the jewish ACLU to advance the queer transgender script, designed to undermine a civilized society. Five years of litigation funded by jews over which toilet to use. Totally jewish.