$200 Million?

Is $200 million enough to claim against public officials involved in the demise of little Tommy Valva? Perhaps it should be more like $1 billion, as the State of New York provided Tommy with an attorney, Donna McCabe, who was trained and certified by the judicial branch to protect his rights while caught up in a family matter. The lawsuit for the wrongful death of Tommy has finally been filed in federal court. The 99 page complaint tells all about the who’s who of judges, attorneys, case workers, school officials, every publicly funded idiot who failed Tommy. A quick read of the complaint reveals the conspiracy which killed Tommy. Hats off to Attorney Jon Norinsberg of NYC for such a comprehensive explanation of how the courts killed Tommy.

There is great blog interest in the conduct of court appointed AFC Donna McCabe. Her name appears on thirty pages of the complaint, revealing that Donna McCabe is a typical pedo player, working to traffic children. Remember that McCabe is trained and certified under the authority of the Hon [sic] Alan D. Shcheinkman, presiding justice of the Second Department, who relies on the retarded Harriett R. Weinberger to administer the scum lawyers who prey on children and families under the guise of being an Attorney For Children. Weinberger has been hiding lately as she runs the office which allowed Donna McCabe to do a number on Tommy. The complaints listed in the suit about McCabe are scary.

McCabe was appointed by the court. McCabe advocated for Tommy to be taken away from his mother for no cause shown. McCabe willfully conspired to fabricate false claims of abuse against Tommy’s mother for the sole purpose of isolating the children from mom. Judge Zimmerman relies of McCabe’s claims and recommendations to isolate mom from her kids, absent any evidence of abuse or interest by the State. See how trusty those AFCs can be? The court relied on outright lies, misrepresentations, and dishonest statements made by McCabe. Father’s attorney Curti and McCabe were close personal friends. McCabe’s claim to the court on her personal belief: “I believe time for this Court to make a change in custody at this point.” McCabe conceals evidence of father’s misconduct and failure to comply with visitation schedule, along with previous judge’s ruling barring his overnite visitation for lewd behaviour in front of the children. McCabe terrorized the children in unapproved interviews, which reduced them to tears and made them fearful of McCabe, who claimed mother was just making up stories. McCabe claimed mother was obstructing the psychological forensic evaluations, where mother merely requested the interviews with the children be video taped, a standard practice in such professional work. McCabe opposed such documentation for no cause shown. McCabe played the pedo card on Judge Zimmerman by making the statement in court: “Your honor has known me for a long time.” A well known pedo signal that goes with the pedo wink to the judge that there is money coming under the table. McCabe failed to execute her lawful duties as AFC. Judge Zimmerman stripped mother of custody and issued orders to isolate mother from her own children, solely on request of McCabe and her personal friend, Shana Curti, dad’s attorney. Zimmerman lacked jurisdiction to make a neglect finding, as it was a separate matter from divorce and had to be filed in family court. No filing, no hearing, no petition, no claim of neglect, just a request from two female attorneys who were having a dykish love affair while masturbating before the bench. McCabe coached dad to make a false report of child abuse to CPS, claiming mom was ‘mental’, was beating the children, and poisoning them with an unidentified toxic ‘brown’ medicine. McCabe was not concerned that all the children suffered significant weight loss while in dad’s care. An eight year old growing boy losing thirteen pounds in a month was just fine by McCabe. A child neglect petition came before Judge Cheng of family court who ruled bias by McCabe and removed her from the proceedings. McCabe continued to interfere with CPS by brow beating case worker Michele Clark of CPS into ‘understanding’ that there was no abuse or neglect by dad, further advocating to CPS that mom was ‘mental’. McCabe fabricated lies about mother’s disinterest in her own children arguing that she was a “bad mother”. McCabe told Judge Lorintz, under oath, that “these young boys individually and private have expressed to me that they do not want to see their mother and they have stated reasons for this position.” If that is not a pedo red flag; three boys under the age of eight don’t want to hug mom … simple brainwashing. Any human can see right through McCabe’s game. McCabe kept repeating to the court that mother was ‘mental’. McCabe testified to the court that everything was fine with the boys at home with dad, while they were being starved, forced to sleep in the garage, sent to school in soiled clothing. McCabe is just your normal pedo AFC, paid for by the state to traffic children for the ring. Complaints against McCabe, a de facto state agent, funded by the taxpayer are: Deliberate Indifference, Malicious Prosecution, Fabrication of Evidence, Denial of Right to Fair Trial, Malicious Abuse of Process, Stigma Plus Claim, Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights, Wrongful Death, Conscious Pain & Suffering, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Defamation, Negligence, Malpractice.

The child trafficking game of New York family court has been exposed. The scam of specially trained attorneys, funded by the state, to operate for the paedophile ring is revealed. Connect the dots all the way up to Chief Child Trafficker Janet DiFiore. Get the popcorn, this is going to be good!!!

The wrongful death of Tommy Valva is going to take down the pedo scam of Attorneys for Children in New York State. The fallout is going to be widespread. Get the popcorn!!!