Paper Terrorism

Look out folks! A new form of TERRORISM has infiltrated society in the family court system! It is called PAPER TERRORISM, replete with pointy corners and sharp edges, usually in the dimensions of 8 1/2 x 11 inches and it is white.

This new form of terrorism has been introduced into the family court of New York as a defense by Attorney Alexandra Verrigni of Schenectady. This two bit bottom feeding family court lawyer has decided that ‘zealous advocacy’ in an adversarial system of courts is now terrorist activity holding ‘clear and present danger’. Filing many motions in a family matter, using many sheets of white paper with black ink is no longer due process, it is terrorism. Verrigni argues any parent who files too many pleadings is bad and can be labelled a terrorist.

Only a jew could argue such insanity and guess what; the term comes from our favorite jewish propaganda cesspool, The Southern Poverty Law Center. Had too much to think? Exercising constitutional rights? Thinking of expression? Cleaning the barrel of your AR-10? Thinking you live in a free society? Don’t worry the jews at SPLC will fix your thought problems and nutjobs like Verrigni will spread the teachings of the Talmud to undermine the goyim.

The jews even admit that the term paper terrorism is a ‘neologism’, which is a fancy word meaning a new or novel term of recent invention. The jew parasites are famous for infecting the host society with deviant and twisted concepts to disrupt an established culture. Note that the jews of SPLC also tried to turn the ‘ok‘ hand signal into a sign of white supremacy or white power or something horrifically racial and then to label it hate speech. Hate speech is protected speech under the First Amendment, but not to the jew who hates it. Oi vey, the jews are at it again.

Attorney Verrigni accuses a parent of being a paper terrorist, but provides no details of how much paper is due process and how much paper is terrorism. The line between zealous advocacy and terrorism is only known to the jew when it comes to maligning a goy before jewish judges on a court that pretends to act under the Constitution. Oi vey, the jews are everywhere!!

Note the seriousness of Verrigni’s claim, as she swore under the penalty of perjury that a parent was a ‘paper terrorist’. The Department of Homeland Security was not amused when the accused parent reported himself as a ‘terrorist’ as claimed under oath, in court by Verrigni. The federal response was quite indicative as to the power and sway that the jews exert in the state courts; such influence evaporating at the federal level. Look for black suburbans with dark tinted windows and government license plates in front of Verrigni’s house on Riverview Road in Rexford, as she obviously knows where the terrorists are; information of federal interest.

In the mean time beware, paper cuts are acts of terrorism.

Attorney Alexandra Verrigni, makes claim of PAPER TERROSIM by a parent….nut job.
Paper: The new weapon of terror!
New jewish hand signal for white supremacy….OK?
Try a little free speech!