John K. Oswald, Esq.

The child traffickers of Upstate New York have tripped over their state protective mojo by a demonstration of foot in mouth contortion that mistakenly escaped the secretive confines of the Family Court. Judge Richard B. Meyer of Essex County, the king jew of family court of the Fourth Judicial District, a monster in a black robe, hated by citizens from Albany to the Canadian border, did allow his pet pedophile protector, Attorney John K. Oswald to argue against visitation for Christian fathers who hold no love for Zionism.

The cat got out of the bag by transcript of a proceeding involving John K. Oswald, a pathetic excuse of a lawyer, who practices out of the spare bedroom in his house in Greenwich, NY, has no partners nor employees, has very few real clients and basically lives off of the largess of Family Court appointments as a nefarious Attorney For Children, paid for by the State of New York. In simple terms he is a family court parasite who would be on food stamps if not for his ass kissing of the family court judges, who pay him to say what they want to hear in court. He is simply another Court Whore who lives off of the nastiness of the most hated court in the land and the jews who run it.

Appearing before Jew Judge Meyer in a simple matter of visitation for a parent and child, Oswald questions a witness on the ‘anti-semitic’ views of the parent. He prods the witness as to the parent’s disposition towards members of the Jewish community and makes reference to persons outside the traditional white American community. Oswald is trained and certified by the Presiding Judge of the Third Department, the very queer, totally dykish Elizabeth Garry. The judicial branch expends huge amounts of time, money and effort to make it appear that the AFC program is not seen as the pedo-protection racket that it really is. In the bowels of the Third Department, another freak of a human, Attorney Betsy R. Ruslander is the Director of the legions of pedophiles like Oswald who prey on children and attack parents to further a very zionistic agenda. Office of Attorneys For Children is just another pedophile operation to traffic kids through the courts under the guise of law.

So what was Oswald trying to show before the King Jew of the North Country? If a parent is proven ‘anti-Semitic’ before the jew judge, then there should be no visitation, which was exactly Meyer’s end decision. A rabbinical court does not apply the public policy or state case law requiring active and consistent involvement of parents in the lives of their children. The Talmudic doctrine of Meyer is for the destruction of the Christian family unit, for the destruction a parent child bonds, for the denunciation of the concept of ‘marriage’ and ‘commitment’, to spit on the Fourth Commandment. A simple application of the anti-Christian tenets of the Zionist agenda, played out on the public dime by a state trained and funded attorney, who knows where his bread is buttered. The nature of the training of folks like Oswald is documented here.

It is interesting to note that Meyer made no effort to stop the anti-jew line of questioning. Nor did he even blink during the prolonged character assassination executed by Oswald and funded by the State of New York. The court exposed itself as to the sinister elements that run the Family Court, revealed the jewdicial talmudic control over what is meant to be a process of law, has turned political views and religious beliefs into legal tests of the court … all on the record and now in public view … just to traffic children.

Chief Dyke of Third Department. Oversees zionism of Judge Meyer and Attorney Oswald.
Zionist Judge Richard Meyer