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McDonald: Lovin’ it!!

Time to wake up the sheeple of Connecticut to the activities of the puppet masters who usurp the power of the people.  Neil Vigdor of the oldest newspaper in the country, the Hartford Courant, is subtly revealing how the minority agendas of politics are slowly destroying the American people.

The State judiciary wants to be independent to execute its minority agendas free from oversight or control by the majority.  There is no concept of such judicial independence designed into the American system.  The courts are accountable to the people.  But the jews and the gays will promote a false concept of government to defeat the will of the people.  Let’s take the independent handiwork of Judge Jewette Katz, who conspired to confer immunity upon chosen lawyers known as GALs in family court cases.  Not the will of the people, not a necessity of office, not even a constitutional derivative, the magnificent seven constitutional deviants completely stripped a sovereign people and their elected officials of all inherent powers.  See Carruba v Moskowtiz (2005).  Immunity is an ultimate power not to be handed out like candy by judges to their Bar pals.  The seven dwarfs of the inbred bench got their asses handed to them by SCOTUS, where they tried to extend immunity to a limo driver of the casino tribe. The miscreant court will take every issue it desires away from due process of legislative government, decide it and ram it down citizens throats or up your ass, in the name of justice.  Gay marriage an issue….no problem, the court will decide it for you.  Death penalty, they will tell you what is best.  Raping children?  That is coming, the ultimate prize of the jews to allow for the legal rape of American children.  Legalize pedophilia, coming at you!

Who better to stack the court to make pedophilia legal than the first openly gay state supreme court faggot, Justice Andrew McDonald of Connecticut.  Need case law to teach sodomy in elementary schools?  Need school counseling for little goyim girls to know that they are to be raped by the chosen ones.  A simple 4-3 vote by the black-robed terrorists will provide.  The high court will decide everything for you, 4-3; issue its Zionistic edicts, uphold the Talmud and hand down new law for the gentiles. Four to three, is simply Andrew McDonald and three of his deviant pals, the Christian majority does not matter; dissenting opinions based on law is simply dicta trash to the deviants.

Gay boy, pedo puppet Governor Malloy wants the feeble-minded to believe otherwise.  A propaganda campaign to erase the architecture of American government.  Complete elimination of checks and balances for a branch of government controlled by private agenda of the chosen.  The greatest fear of Thomas Jefferson manifested in an original colony.  Malloy boy veils the takeover of the courts as a political ‘grudge match’, he laughably claims he is trying to ‘save the courts’, he spins back that it is the ‘republicans’ (a.k.a. Christians) who are ‘trying to tear them down’.  In reality, the jews are executing their agenda with precision; Malloy is just their spokesperson and propaganda bullhorn.

Here is the funny part.  Malloy states: “They will permanently change and limit the number of people who will be willing to serve as a judge in the state of Connecticut.”  The ‘they’ is a vague reference to the ‘We the people’ and their elected representatives who are interfering with the jewish/gay/pedophile agenda of the puppet masters.  The people who get to serve as judges in Gulag Connecticut are chosen ones.  A secretive selection committee is the gatekeeper to the ‘qualified applicant pool’.  The people have no say.  The people hold no checks over the chosen method of judicial selection.

What if the people could ‘elect’ their judges?  Andrew McDonald would have never become a judge.  Chase Rogers would have never been Chief Justice.  Jewdicial clowns like Judge Jane Emons would never had a black robe.  The mentally retarded Sybil Richards would not have received one white vote.  Pedophiles like Judge Lynda Munro, Annie Dranginis, Gerrard Adelman, Marielouise Schofield, Holly Wetstone, Aarron Ment, Anne Ficeto, Herbert Gruendal, Elizabeth Bozzuto, Leslie Olear,  Elliot Solomon and Maureen Murphy would never have made it past the ballot box.  Scum Barry Armata and pedo predator Leo Diana would have been exposed for the perverts they are.  The will of the people means nothing to the jewdicial supremacy over the sovereign.  A sovereign people hold no power when the courts are stacked against them by the minority powers of evil (Jews).

On the flip side, why do the people hold no mechanism to get rid of a judge?  A system override put in place by the jewdicial mafia to defeat the majority?  Public criticism of the alleged judgment of a sodomite is attacked as homophobia by the jewdicial mafia.  But, hey, if the guy does not know what to do with his dick, why trust him with the law?  It is a societal norm, not the rule of a deviant minority.  Why can’t the ‘people’ of Connecticut have power by referendum to debench a judge?  Judge Emons would be gone tomorrow.  Palmer, McDonald, the jews and the queers hold no purpose for a Christian majority.  Even the followers of Muhammad would vote to eliminate a majority of sitting judges, if not behead them under Sharia law.  Where a judge rules by Talmud, the sword of the people shall be swift.

A notable observation is the failure of the judiciary committee to provide people’s oversight to the judicial branch of government run amok.  The people’s power is sadly vested in deviant lawyers who are controlled by the judges themselves through the Bar Association.  Rep. William Tong, Sen. John Kissel, Sen. Paul Doyle, Rep. Rosa Rebimbas are all sock puppets of Judge Patrick Carroll and his staff of legislative liaison lawyers who keep the committee in check while maintaining the illusion of democracy and government of the people, for the people and by the people.  A judge can destroy the livelihood of any attorney in the general assembly with a wink and a nod.  These elected representatives all know this and act for the judges, not the people.  How the jewdicial mafia controls the legislative branch is through the lawyers and blackmail.

Face it folks, the people mean nothing to the deep queer, jewish, pedophile power base that runs Connecticut.  Neil Vigdor tried to send a message in his article.  The terrorists are here.  The children are in danger.  Malloy’s effort to stack the jewdicial deck is terrorism, which the people have duty to check.

Be scared, very scared.  Keep your powder dry, Second Amendment is the only power left to the people.

Neil Vigdor tries to warn the people of judicial terrorism.

Queer boys steppin’ out

Sen. John Kissel, jewdicial puppet, Chair Judiciary Committee

William Tong promotes queers because they are queers.  Favors illegal Chinamen over citizens.  Jew sock puppet of judiciary committee.