Shipman & Goodwin Terrorists

Time to spotlight a retarded lawyer in diapers.  A fool of a human admitted to the Bar to undermine the Constitution and terrorize the American people.  Meet Attorney Ashely Marshall of the notorious legal masqueraders of Shipman & Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut.

The chosen ones want society to turn to lawyers for advice; lawyers will twist and manipulate reality, depriving society of rights, one errant opinion at a time, while sucking money out of free citizens.  The lawyer scam is only for the feeble minded.  Any fifth grader can beat a lawyer with access to google.  A domestic house cat can eat alphabet soup and shit better arguments than the lawyers of of the Connecticut Bar.  Take Ashely, a female minority bag of brainless hot air, licensed to practice law for less than two years, educated at the UCONN Law School for the retarded and infirm.  She practices employment and school law, but has magical powers to interpret orders of the family court and make false public statements, committing acts of federally prohibited discrimination.  How ’bout that:  BLM girl discriminates against white folk!

The drama unfolds in Watertown, Connecticut where inept school principal, Kathy Scully claims that the Board of Education lawyer interpreted a court order in a matter of no concern to educating children to bar a citizen from entry to Judson Elementary School.  Ashely is so brilliant she hung the citizens of Watertown for liablity in a federal civil rights claim.  Should be worth at least a cool million when Superintentant Dr. B. Heston Carnemolla gets hit with the lawsuit.  So sorry Watertown is inbred and stupid; gonna bleed the taxpayers.

Since when are school principals the new gestapo?  Since when do schools get involved in court matters where they are not joined in suit?  Since when do school employees threaten citizens over Ashley’s interpretation of an order not served?  C’mon people, this is the chosen mafia obliterating the Constitution using Town employees paid with tax dollars.  The terrorists are publicly funded!!!  Getting rid of the management and their incompetent lawyers will save Watertown residents big bucks; protecting the Constitution being duty of every citizen.

Watertown Schools Pedo Superintendant

Kathleen Scully Judson principal playing for the dark side

Ignorant Attorney Ashely Marshall conspires to traffick children at Shipman&Goodwin

Crooked Lawyers

Judson Elementary in Watertown where children are trafficked by the Principal.