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Tanya Taupier


    Our dear friend and blogstar Annie Dranginis has outdone herself again! Under the guise of the practice of law, Annie attempts to shred the First Amendment in the name of Pullman&Comley to hide her courtroom antics from public scrutiny. Her excuse this time is that the INTERNET exists! Jews are never ones for respecting the elements of the First Amendment. It gives the goyim freedom to express historic displeasure with the chosen ones. The practice of law that upholds such protections is just annoyance to Annie and her friends on the bench. Pullman&Comley Chairman ‘Timmay’ Shearin proudly leads his firm as a domestic enemy of the Constitution. Even Livia Barndollar,… Read More »Annie!


      The now famous blog is pleased to announce that a prime selection of posts has been published by the law firm of Pullman&Comley of Connecticut. Over two hundred and fifty pages, printed in high quality color, professionally bound with a big black bulldog clip were presented in court by old pedo battleaxe, attorney, retired judge and blogstar, the notorious Annie Dranginis. Annie Dranginis publishes blog for exhibit in family court!! The blog is honored to have been published by such a foul, crooked, nasty and quite jewish law firm, engaged in child trafficking, pedo defense, and all things detrimental to the well being of children. The blog is also happy… Read More »Published!

      Jew Judge Albis

        Well, if it was unclear what team Judge Michael Albis is playing for, he has removed all doubt in his recent zionist decision in the Taupier case. Nothing like some good old New Haven jewery to toss the kids, Gabriel and Sara in the middle of litigation, then call it ‘best interest’ of the child. Jew Judge Albis is on the receiving end of the puppet strings from Tanya Taupier’s money grubbing sleeze of a jew lawyer, the infamous, grande dame, pedo battle axe, Judge Annie Dranginis. Albis knows his dick and balls will end up down his throat if he disobeys Dranginis and the state pedo ring. A brief… Read More »Jew Judge Albis

        Annie is at it again!!

          The queen jew of Connecticut Family Court, the pedo protecting, child trafficking, money grubbing Annie Dranginis is at it again….perverting the law and undermining the Constitution to traffic children.  The jew bitch on wheels has no limits when it comes to defeating the elements of a Christian society for her zionistic gains.  Remember, Annie is a retired judge, once head of the evil family court system, now in private practice at Pullman&Comley, the nastiest, corrupt, jewish law firm in Corrupticut. Annie’s game now is to defeat the First Amendment and the public’s right to scrutiny of what goes on in a public forum.  The jewdicial miscreants of family court prefer… Read More »Annie is at it again!!

          Jew’s Best Interest

            The chosen law firm of Pullman&Comley has filed the jewish version of the ‘best interests’ of the child on behalf of Tanya Taupier, Vice President of Human Resources at Aetna Insurance in her drama of a divorce case.  Our old friend and blog star, the pedo battle axe Annie Dranginis, has filed for cutting off the kids from Dad as a ‘best interest’ consideration to be taken up by the court of Judge Mark T. Gould in Middletown on 2 July in the Battle of the Titans. Yes, folks, read it for yourself here, the professional filings of a retired State judge who believes that destruction of parent-child bonds is… Read More »Jew’s Best Interest

            Battle of Titans: ON!

              Sports fans, this is the smackdown, drag out fight of the year in the family court arena!!!!  The Great Grey Ponytail, Attorney and Defender of Rights, Norm Pattis has thrown the gauntlet at the aged pedo battle axe, retired child trafficking judge, Annie Dranginis.  Norm represents Dad, Annie represents mom and the kids are in the middle.  Classic Connecticut Family Court drama, with big bucks!!!  The mom is a Vice President at Aetna and Annie just stepped up the billable hours game to defend the heartless bitch from Norm’s contempt citation for isolating the children from Dad. Bring popcorn!!!  Review the fight card here.  Read the bio of Annie the… Read More »Battle of Titans: ON!

              Battle of the Titans

                The titans have declared war on each other in the caring and compassionate venue of the land of ‘broken toys’….the cesspool known as Family Court of Connecticut. The Giant of the Profession, The Grey Ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis has thrown the gauntlet at the hooves of the grand dame pedo battle axe retired judge and child trafficker Attorney Annie Dranginis.  The center of this battle is of course children, two gifts from God, Gabriel and Sara.  The great legal question is why Tanya Taupier, Aetna human resources vice president can isolate these kids from their father?  Not even a phone call since August of last year.  The state law of… Read More »Battle of the Titans