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Norm Pattis

Bumbling Bellis

    The now-famous Blog, all seeing worst kind, highlights bumbling Barbara Bellis, a jewdicial excuse of a human, devoid of brains, unable to grasp simple concepts of American jurisprudence, being a stain on the Republic, worthy of having her chimney pots painted black, along with a bath of tar and feathers. Bumbling Barbara usurps unconstitutional powers, assuming combined rolls of accuser, judge, jury, and executioner; clipping the great grey ponytail, who we all know and love as Norm Pattis, the most villainized zealous advocate in gulag Connecticut. Barb d’blunder issues an illegal order, citing PB 13-5, but failing to read the details, claiming to protect plaintiffs’ tender feelings from scrutiny of… Read More »Bumbling Bellis


      The great grey ponytail of Connecticut has been snipped by SandyHoax jewdicial authority Barbara Bellis. Attorney Norm Pattis has been suspended from the practice of law in the cesspool for six months! Norm announces he will appeal, which takes at least two years, proving once again that howling at the moon provides better relief than Judge William Bright’s star chamber of affirming constitutional horrors. But the most bloglicious news is descriptors applied to Norm! by Judge Bellis. The now-famous Blog finds Norm! to be a ‘giant of the profession’, the ‘last of the slash and burn trial lawyers’, ‘a voice of freedom’, a true champion of clients with cash, an… Read More »Norm!


        The now-famous Blog takes a big yawn at drama SANDYHOAX, a scripted event to defeat Second Amendment, run by jews, all authorized under a clause in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act .. federal propaganda is good!  Poor Barbara Bellis, presiding over a jew charade in the armpit of Waterbury, piles on another chunk of change to Alex Jones’ First Amendment rights on legal cause of his ‘blameworthiness’. Oi vey! Jewish abuse of feeble state courts makes an example of Alex; hoax deniers must pay shekels!!!  This week’s jewdicial invoice is $473M, bringing the hoax tally to $1.44B, just from Connecticut. Jew puppet, Yale grad, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, in… Read More »Blameworthiness

        Barbara’s Blunder

          The cesspool of Connecticut jewdicary stinks again! Judge Barbara Bellis does it again, a sham trial, devoid of constitutional protections, promoting jewish agenda that guns are bad, applying federal law permitting hoaxes to promote elite chosen agendas: stage a hoax, make a case for gun confiscation, call in Barbara to preside over a fictitious suit under color of state law to attack gunsmiths, then when the hoax is over exposed, call in Barbara to promote propaganda that free speech of government drama theatre is tort against federal actors who staged the hoax, call it defamation, get Norm Pattis and Alex Jones to play along, a grand drama made for the… Read More »Barbara’s Blunder

          True Threat?

            The First Amendment scholars of now-famous Blog provide commentary on Connecticut’s claim of true threats, derived from the defective mind of Chief Justice Richard Robinson, the token jurist, ascended to the high bench on skin color rather than intellect, serving only to terrorize ‘we the people’. Blog provides moot court scenario to highlight dangers of nigger think on First Amendment.  A speaker tells victim “I will take you out”. This is spoken word, at close distance, victim sprayed with saliva from the enraged speaker. Nigger Boy Robinson’s court sees “reckless disregard for substantial risk of fear” in the victim and bystanders, even an ordinary person understands ‘take out’ is not… Read More »True Threat?

            Reckless Robinson

              The now-famous Blog calls out the jewish mafia of Corrupticut for slaying First Amendment protections on ideology of American Law Institute’s private agenda.  Time to revisit the 2014 mugging of Ted Taupier by unscrupulous domestic terrorists undermining the Bill of Rights.  The big black man in the black robe is nothing more than a puppet on jewish strings advancing alien ideology in the land of the free and the home of the brave, agitating trigger fingers of the Second Amendment, .308 ball preferred. A private email promoting demise of dykish Elizabeth Bozzuto for destruction of families, severing of parent-child bonds, rape of childhood, plunder of savings, defiance of due process,… Read More »Reckless Robinson

              Fifth Amendment Claim

                The great grand retard in black drapes acknowledges a Fifth Amendment claim against his summary disbarment of a zealous advocate.  The magnificent blog star, the chief justice of the Starr Chamber, the devil incarnate, the terror in jewdicial terrorism, Judge Thomas Moukawsher inquires if the state’s attorney office has been in contact with any of the clowns regarding his unconstitutional wrath wielded from the backwater nutmeg bench improperly named Regional Family Trial Docket. There is nothing before the court regarding the disbarment of the advocate who argues for Mia, Matthew, Sawyer in exercise fundamental right to hug mom. Only jews seek to destroy parent-child bonds, destroy families, and advocate for… Read More »Fifth Amendment Claim


                  Oswald did not shoot JFK. Pearl Harbor was no surprise. Hiroshima was a demonstration. Russian Revolution was an invasion. Hitler was a good guy. Six Million gassed jews is a fable. Civil War was not about slavery. Gulf of Tonkin was a quiet night. Black lives don’t matter. Jews hate the First and Second Amendments. Sun rises in the East. Adam Lanza not an expert marksman. Spoons make people fat, guns kill people, guns and spoons are evil. Life is a jew matrix, reality is an illusion. Welcome to Connecticut, the land of make believe, not so Honorable Barbara Bellis presiding! The now-famous Blog laughs at the jews of Koskoff,… Read More »SandyHoax!

                  Inquisitorial Regime

                    The great grey ponytail of Connecticut calls out the jewdiciary for being a cesspool of talmudic bacteria eating away at the foundation of a free society, shredding the Constitution with glee. Attorney Norm Pattis skewers the chosen monsters in black robes for being jews in rape of the American adversarial process in destruction of zealous advocates who challenge the absolute discretion of family court jurisprudence. Norm’s ‘writ of error‘ delivers notice that the Connecticut Courts have gone rogue, that Judge Moukawsher is a constitutional terrorist wielding un-regulated powers of destruction from a tyrannical bench, begging his own destruction: Sic Semper Tyrannis! Norm claims the jewdiciary is creating a INQUISITORIAL REGIME!… Read More »Inquisitorial Regime


                      The omnipotent great grey ponytail of New England is omnipotent! Norm Pattis knows what Connecticut judges know … all of them! The fallacy arguments of tossed word-salad passing for legal arguments in the cesspool of nutmeg courts is ludicrous. Hardly unexpected given the lack of intellect of the players who make up the inbred cadre of the professional practice of law. Connecticut may just be the receptacle for all the incompetent individuals who suffer from delusional psychosis of being a lawyer. The country may be the land of the free and the home of the brave, but New Haven is a magnet for the stupid. Norm! files a ‘writ of… Read More »NORM!