Judge Thomas Moukawsher

Aldrich Speak

Attorney Nancy Aldrich displays her jewish ability to speak word salad in response to Judge Adelman’s request to disqualify himself. The jewish practice of family law pursues only money, nothing to do with best thoughts for children or application of goy constitutional principles. Quick recap of the Ambrose drama is that Judge Robert Shapiro of Hartford Civil Court has an application for injunctive relief to… Read More »Aldrich Speak


Judge Thomas Moukawsher put on a grand display of judicial incompetence today by not recognizing that isolating three kids from mom for no state interest is jewdicial bias by his brother in black, Judge Gerard Adelman, who sua sponte begs to be thrown off the Ambrose case. The now-famous Blog explains the obvious. Judge Adelman demonstrates bias against mother by ordering GAL and fellow jew… Read More »Bias?

Adelman On Trial!

The shit has hit the fan! Judge Gerard Adelman goes on trial before Judge Moukawsher for misconduct in the Ambrose case. The private star chamber of Regional Family Trial Docket, the dungeon where kids with rich parents go to be trafficked, is having a judge war. The heinous conduct of the Dark Lord himself has annoyed the elders of the Connecticut judiciary who are calling… Read More »Adelman On Trial!


Mouk-who? What is going on in the child trafficking court of Connecticut? Judge Thomas Moukawsher is now assigned to the private star chamber of family court. He is the new presiding judge of the infamous pedo court known as Regional Family Trial Docket, where parents get fleeced and children are raped. But why? There is little in Moukawsher’s background to suggest he is a pedophile… Read More »Moukawsher?