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Judge Thomas Moukawsher

Insane Lunatic!

The now-famous Worst Blog examines the non-functioning, diseased, irrational jewdicial mind of the grand moron in a black robe, the insane lunatic, the Dark Lord himself, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, a rabbinical monster of talmudic powers wreaking havoc on the people’s court system, cuz he is just a fucking insane lunatic who cannot perform his simple job function in family court. In reviewing forty worthless… Read More »Insane Lunatic!

Inquisitorial Regime

The great grey ponytail of Connecticut calls out the jewdiciary for being a cesspool of talmudic bacteria eating away at the foundation of a free society, shredding the Constitution with glee. Attorney Norm Pattis skewers the chosen monsters in black robes for being jews in rape of the American adversarial process in destruction of zealous advocates who challenge the absolute discretion of family court jurisprudence.… Read More »Inquisitorial Regime

Jewdicial Shit Show

CT Family Court: The ‘Children’s Best Interest’ Is the Best Interest of Attorneys, Psychologists and Wealthy, Abusive Fathers Who Pay Them From the FRANKREPORT. The children’s best interest. That’s what the divorce and custody case of Chris Ambrose versus Karen Riordan is about. Ambrose has had legal and physical custody of the couple’s three adopted Latino children since April 24, 2020. On that date, almost… Read More »Jewdicial Shit Show


The omnipotent great grey ponytail of New England is omnipotent! Norm Pattis knows what Connecticut judges know … all of them! The fallacy arguments of tossed word-salad passing for legal arguments in the cesspool of nutmeg courts is ludicrous. Hardly unexpected given the lack of intellect of the players who make up the inbred cadre of the professional practice of law. Connecticut may just be… Read More »NORM!

Dumpster Fire

The clowns of the Connecticut Judiciary never cease to amaze in their inability to follow the simple recipe of due process set down in practice rules, ignored by the morons in black along with the brainless zombies labelled clerks. The judicial circus of Adelman and Moukawsher attempted the flaming juggling act on disbarring a zealous advocate but lit the dumpster on fire, taking due process… Read More »Dumpster Fire

Public Interest!

The shit show of Connecticut jurisprudence has appointed little dweebee, ball-less wonder Brian Staines, Esq. to protect the PUBLIC INTEREST when a rogue judge like Moukawsher disbars a zealous advocate for the rabbinical sin of arguing in protection of childhood against the jewish ideology spewed from the Talmudic bench by kikes in black robes. Moukawsher issued his order on Wednesday in his fabricated disbarment proceeding… Read More »Public Interest!

Michael Volpe Investigates

Michael Volpe investigates the child trafficking in the Ambrose case. Conduct of Connecticut jewish players gets the investigative journalist spotlight: Judge Jane Grossman, Judge Gerard Adelman, Attorney Nancy Aldrich, Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, Dr. Robert Horowitz, PhD, Dr. Debra Gruen, PhD. Jews raping childhood for the reward of shekels and destruction of the American family institution. Read investigative report below by… Read More »Michael Volpe Investigates


Time to call out the philosophical tragedy of Connecticut’s excuse of a judiciary in public abuse of children under the color of law. The retarded Judge Thomas Moukawsher holds fascination for the insanity of mankind portrayed in the movie Full Metal Jacket, focused on the dehumanizing effects of pointless conflict, fueled by blind obedience to a totalitarian government sacrificing children for a chosen ideology. Mouk… Read More »JOKER!


Jewish word salad is a red flag that betrays government deceit on a trusting public. Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families skillfully employs ill-defined words to protect child predators. The pattern is repeated precisely revealing a racket protecting persons engaged in pedophilia: protected jewish delicacy. A little girl, perhaps five years of age, has an incredible knowledge of male appendages, knows where it does not… Read More »Unsubstantiated

All Eyes On TONG!

All look to the great commie chinaman of Connecticut, the great short little comedian who sez “that’s why we fight”! AG TONG is going up against the great grey ponytail, a giant of the profession, last of the slash and burn trial lawyers. Attorney Norm Pattis has laced his sneakers tight to drag the judicial branch into federal court on civil rights deprivations. AG TONG… Read More »All Eyes On TONG!