Judge Sharon LoVallo


Judge Sharon LoVallo of NY Family Court issues a gag order! Prior Restraint?


Blow some smoke up the judge’s robes claiming Connecticut has jurisdiction in Buffalo. Dueling states or legal frivolity?

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Public scrutiny of court proceedings is a fundamental right of society. Be wary of those who seek secrecy under the rule of law.

LoVallo’s Psychiatric Stability

Time to take a look at the jewdicial bias and prejudice played out in Family Court under the color of law. ┬áToday we observe the perverted logic festering in the twisted legal mind of child predator in black, Judge Sharon LoVallo of New York. LoVallo, the crazy, takes aim at a mother. ┬áMother is a victim of domestic violence and has the broken bones to… Read More »LoVallo’s Psychiatric Stability