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Judge Bozzuto

Ninth Circuit Speech

    Take heed of the style manual provided by the Ninth Circuit while expressing displeasure with the jews of family court. Criticism of the jewdiciary will be met with retaliation by paedo muscle in blue, a.k.a. police. The justification for the clever use of the criminal justice system by the disciples of Zion is that the jew judges are scared, finding the words used to describe jewish conduct ‘threatening’. Yep, a page right out of the Talmud on how to fuck up the goy when they catch on to the jewish game. But now comes Judge Charles Breyer of D. Northern California in U.S. v Weiss to quote the Ninth Circuit… Read More »Ninth Circuit Speech

    What if…

      What if there was a natural force that reacted to the tyranny of family court.  In nature, there are equal and opposite reactions; a physical trait of the universe.  In family court there is only jewdicial discretion from a tyrant in a black robe with a un constitutional and anti Christian attitude.  No rule of law, just absolute discretion. So if Judge Bozzuto cuts a parent out of the life of a child against the law of the people, an equal and opposite force would necessarily cut one of her kids out of her life.  Such is the application of natural law.  Put another way, if Judge Bozzuto threw rocks through… Read More »What if…

      Bozzo is at it again

        Deviant miscreant Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto rigs the court to screen out the unprofitable cases and focus on trafficking kids.

        The Dark Lord

          Jew Judge Gerard Adelman the evil dark lord of family court, pedo.

          Bozzuto’s Charge

            Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto working to defeat judicial accountability by rule of Talmud