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Jewette Katz


    The Big Dumb Nigger in black drapes, masquerading as Chief Justice of Connecticut, commands goy to DISAVOW now-famous Blog! Gulag masters Richard Robinson and Joe Aresimowicz complain that free expression of Blog is not to be supported by four-legged residents of ‘animal farm‘. ‘Blog Think’ exposes jewish scams of family court, paedophile protection, child trafficking, money laundering, racketeering by conspiracy of judges, lawyers, and vendors. Nigger Boy wishes to conceal cause of his courts to plunder family bank, rape childhood, pursue jewish ideology of familial destruction in a Christian society. Nigger Boy publishes his epistle in CT Post, a willful violation of Canon 4, prohibiting CJ Robinson from engaging in… Read More »Disavow!

    Samantha & George

      The now-famous Blog has identified two peas in a pod who cannot count to First Amendment, idiots in clown costumes, sporting funny hats, badges, guns, no brains, and attitudes to violate rule of law on dog whistle commands from Kernel Stavros Mellekas of the Connecticut State Storm Troopers, all under commie commissioner James Rovella.  Meet Samantha McCord and George Jupin, two worthless state employees who double their salary every year by gobbling up overtime pay committing acts of terrorism against free citizens.  Blog parenting department notes poor upbringings, probably both abandoned at birth for noted mental defects. The state gestapo employs these two nuts at Computer Crime Lab, a black… Read More »Samantha & George

      Reckless Robinson

        The now-famous Blog calls out the jewish mafia of Corrupticut for slaying First Amendment protections on ideology of American Law Institute’s private agenda.  Time to revisit the 2014 mugging of Ted Taupier by unscrupulous domestic terrorists undermining the Bill of Rights.  The big black man in the black robe is nothing more than a puppet on jewish strings advancing alien ideology in the land of the free and the home of the brave, agitating trigger fingers of the Second Amendment, .308 ball preferred. A private email promoting demise of dykish Elizabeth Bozzuto for destruction of families, severing of parent-child bonds, rape of childhood, plunder of savings, defiance of due process,… Read More »Reckless Robinson

        Fundamental Right

          The Connecticut family court declares children hold fundamental liberty interests in relationship with parents. The Hartford Family Court ruled such in Reich v Reich, ruling children hold constitutionally protected fundamental rights to hug a parent. The court finally recognizes that SCOTUS exists, acknowledging two decade old ruling of Troxel stating parent-child relationships are constitutionally protected. Has a new dawn broken in Connecticut? Have jewish edicts been purged from the courts? Has the Constitution been recognized? Of course not! Childhood rape continues under jewish control, rights do not matter, constitutional principles do not matter, billable hours and shekels are all that matter to Alex Cuda’s band of child predators, known as… Read More »Fundamental Right

          Public Policy

            An enlightened society holds common cultural beliefs which in today’s morass of ‘murikan dystopia is referred to as public policy. There is benevolent structure in most policies, letting a bunch of uneducated, purposeless morons from third world shit-holes illegally cross the border is not an example of public policy, but domestic terrorism wielded by the jews who seek to eliminate the white Christian race. The disconnect between law and policy is a dead give away that jews are involved. Let’s take a look at family court discretion that violates public policy. In Connecticut there is a statute which requires ‘active & consistent’ involvement of both parents in the lives of… Read More »Public Policy

            Demented Katz!

              The great jewish American princess of inflated ego and delusional self-importance takes to the Law Tribune to vomit the tragedy of her pathetic public life involving the State’s inability to run a professional baby-sitting operation. Blog star Jewette Katz is off her meds again. Her pointless, rambling, incoherent prose gives the public concern of mental infirmity of jewdicial authorities, state commissioners, and partners at Shipman&Goodwin. Oi vey, the filth of the jewish mind! Raping kids is a jewish best interest standard, raping them for money is devotion to the jewish god. Jewette wants the feeble minded to believe that she has some magical sauce in application to the miserable governmental… Read More »Demented Katz!

              Katz Challenge

                The now-famous Blog challenges queen jew of the rabbinical cesspool of Corrupticut Courts to an evidentiary showdown! To put an end to her whining about pro-gentile commentary, she is hereby challenged to apply the Connecticut Code of Evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that SIX MILLION of her cousins were exterminated by order of Adolf Hitler in eight death camps between 1939-1945. d’Blog calls HOLOHOAX on Jewette Katz and her old testament clingons. Katz can show the world her chosen superior intellect, her chosen expert legal skills, chosen knowledge of evidence, yada yada yada … to prove her pathetic claim to jewish persecution, as opposed to the reality that… Read More »Katz Challenge


                  The now-famous Blog announces the labeling of a specialty division of the Connecticut Bar Association that focuses solely on separating children for mothers where daddy has big bucks. This group operates under a secret section of the secret family court benchbook which lays out the strategy to employ the children as tools to promote conflict, drain family savings, raping childhood, while enriching lawyers and judges along the way. The new name: JEWISH CUNT CLUB. Head of the CLUB is the evil, hideous, retired supreme court justice, and child trafficker commissioner Jewette Katz; partner at the lecherous law firm of SHIPMAN & GOODWIN. From her opinionated perch the CT Law Tribune,… Read More »JCC