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Eddie Rodriguez

Ambrose Denied

    The now-famous Blog notes that Christopher Ambrose has an unhealthy obsession with hearing himself whine in court about living in a free society, with an internet, with public right of scrutiny of Christopher’s antics in a public forum. This time it was four days of nauseating screeching of the Mad Man without a lawyer, entertained by retarded ‘spic Judge Eddie Rodriguez, in the judicial armpit of Bridgeport for a motion to void the First Amendment, where family court betrays its abusive ways, dragging mom to the courthouse on four different days to hear paedo dad’s complaints against reality, pleading for relief the court could not provide. In the end, Judge… Read More »Ambrose Denied


      Family court litigant Christopher Ambrose demands PRIVACY protection for Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, kids suffering from lack of maternal affection by malicious, inhumane conduct of Mad Man and his lawyer, isolation supported by two jew judges and a jewish expert fucking over goy kids. Judge Eddie Rodriguez, constitutionally infirm jurist, moron in black, entertains Mad Man’s complaint, a drawn out screenplay of spending a million dollars over three years to obtain a simple administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce is emotionally harmful to children, who have not had a mom hug in years, no auntie Easter Baskets either. Christopher’s deluded mind cannot comprehend public forums, a court stage upon which he plays drama victim… Read More »Privacy!


        The now-famous Blog, participating in the marketplace of ideas, protected under the First Amendment, sez SORRY to blog star Christopher Ambrose of 381 Horsepond Road, Madision, Connecticut, where he cages Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer to satisfy his severe, undiagnosed, untreated, mental disorder, subliminal woman hatred, and lack of manliness. Sorry he is such a miserable person, blog copy staff are so sorry they lit Church candles for redemption of his miserable, blackened soul, so coveted by Satan. Blog legal department reviewed Mad Man’s civil lawsuits against EasterBasket Auntie and Frank Parlato; trite does not begin to describe the complaint.  Mad Man ‘prays’ for relief by asking the court to issue… Read More »Sorry!