Chief Justice Richard Robinson

Clear & Present Danger!

The now-famous Blog takes this Holy Day to expose the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER of the jews of Connecticut family court, where the only remaining option to protect children rests in violence and lawless action, all other avenues of redress being exhausted. Merry Christmas! The evil doers of family court will promote the Dark Lord Judge Gerard Adelman and his alien addiction to raping childhood… Read More »Clear & Present Danger!

Kill Shot

Questioning public officials can be deadly. A properly worded question becomes an effective Kill Shot to the political target. As the Christian celebration of Christmas is upon us, the Elf is on the Shelf, the jews are making reservations at a local Chinese Restaurant, Santa arrived at the end of the Macy’s Parade, the now-famous Blog constructs the Kill Shot question for the jews of… Read More »Kill Shot

Punishment By Child: Upheld!

The big dumb nigger of the Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld punishment by child! The cruel and unusual punishment of taking kids away from a mother to invoke the wrath of a jewish family court judge is just another day in the cesspool of state courts. Nigger boy Justice Richard Robinson will bitch about black cotton pickin’ slaves, but will let white children be used… Read More »Punishment By Child: Upheld!

The Horsemen of Evil

Things happen for a reason in this world. Good things occur because of good intentions and dedication of good people expending good efforts. Bad things happen because of ‘evil doers’. The now famous blog exposes the evil men who drive the evil family court of Connecticut: Solomon, Adelman, Albis, Bright and Robinson, five sons of Satan who traffic and abuse children, rob families, destroy parent-child… Read More »The Horsemen of Evil


The self-appreciating culture of the Connecticut Bar Association is demonstrating its inbred characteristics once again. This time it is the awarding of fictitious awards to incompetent persons under a veil of professionalism which conceals the true colors of the sinister game of lawyers. Clowns of Connecticut College are falling over themselves because their corrupt and diseased alumna, Lynda Batter Munro, Class of ’76 is getting… Read More »Awards

Cesspool Swirl: CT Judicial Assignments

It is that time of year again, musical chairs in the Connecticut judiciary.  The new assignment list is out.  There are some surprises and some surprises.  Looks like the new Chief Justice, Richard Robinson is making some changes.  Let’s examine how the black man in the black robe is cleaning up the jewish stains on family court. Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, the dyke on the byke,… Read More »Cesspool Swirl: CT Judicial Assignments