Family Court Holocaust

Time to stop crying for the Jews of Family Court.  Kevin Rennie plays the jew card on the people’s action of debenching Judge Jane Emons.  Oi vey, cry me a river!!!  The due process of government eliminated a very bad judge from the system.  The people’s form of government exercised its powers and made a simple decision to terminate Jane Emons as a judge of Superior Court.  She was a very bad judge and a nasty person to boot.  Her judicial discretion was firmly rooted in Zionistic principles.  Her treatment of non jews before the bench was horrific.  She ruled from the Talmud, not the Connecticut General Statutes.

The fundamental game of the jews in family court is to attack and destroy the family units of the goyim.  Family is the building block of a Christian society, the main target of the jews of family court.  Judge Emons trafficked children for her Zionist masters; ignoring the rule of law, she acted as judge, jury and executioner in taking a child away from a father and selling it to a non parent; true Talmudic edict, just ask King Jew Judge Elliot Solomon.  There was no state interest in reassigning the child.  The state was not appearing in the case.  The father was not found to be unfit or a cause of harm to the child.  Jew Jane had no legal cause to exercise parens patriae power of the state in stripping a parent of a child, she exercised no proper authority, she acted as the jewish tyrant that she truly is.  Evil, nasty, vile, sinister, excuse of human. The law of the people requires ‘active and consistent’ involvement of parents in the lives of their children, CGS 46b-56(b).  It is a statute of ‘we the people’, which effectively codifies the Fourth Commandment of Christian religion.  Children are gifts from God, the Constitution protects the parent-child bonds, the jews of family court ignore everything American and Christian in application of the Talmud over the goyim.  That is how and why family court works the way it does.  It is the battleground of good vs. evil, Christianity v. Jewism.  It is a holocaust on the children of the gentiles.

Now comes Kevin Rennie to put the holocaust label on the Zionistic war against Christianity.  His pathetic opinion piece in the Hartford Courant is simply zionistic spin.  Let’s analyze his opinion line by line.

Why did Judge Emons deserve a vote in the Assembly?  Don’t need to waste valuable legislative floor time to take out the trash.  There is no legal, statutory or constitutional cause to have a vote.  Not having a vote gets the job done.  Why does Rennie think the legislature owed Jane a vote??  More word salad and double speak to make false claim that the jew was somehow mistreated….c’mon, grow up Rennie, get a brain, study some civics.  A vote of 30-3 on the judiciary committee obviously means nothing, now does it?  A committee controlled by the Bar association is hardly holding the people’s interests at heart.  Doyle, Tong, Kissel and Rebimbas are all puppets of the judge mafia, don’t think for a minute they give a shit about ‘We the People’.

Jane Emons was a target of her own construction.  She chose to act as a judge of the Talmud rather than the Constitution.  She painted the bullseye on herself many years ago, she knew what was coming when she sought re-appointment and she did nothing to defend herself, as she had no defense.  Rennie has his head up his ass if he thinks that free speech under the First Amendment is ‘chilling’; it is the essence of our society.

Now Rennie claims it was ‘misfortune’ that Emons was assigned to family court.  Newsflash:  All dirtbag judges are assigned to family court so they can’t fuck up any real function of the courts.  Family Court is the garbage dump of the incompetent, Jane was no exception.  Conflict in family court is manufactured by the judges and the lawyers to make money.  Every divorce is ninety minutes worth of work.  The jews of the court know exactly how to inflame every dispute, bring the kids into the conflict and drain all the financial assets of the gentile family.  Using children as weapons of conflict is a jewish game, not a teaching of Christianity.

Judge Emons’ courtroom conduct violated Judicial Canon.  The Chief Justice, then Chase Rogers was well aware of the misconduct, but no one in the judiciary lifted a finger to fix Emons….they left it up to the sovereign powers of the people to shitcan her ass at the end of the term.  Thank Judge Carroll, Rogers, Solomon and the shadow elite for setting Emons up.  In the end she had no supporters as no one would sacrifice themselves for the jew bitch on wheels….even Judge Solomon coward from the fray.

Now we have another jew, state Senator Toni Boucher of Wilton bringing up a bill on the holocaust as reparations for the jewish performance of Emons?  School kids must be taught of the holocaust…..the six million exterminated jews?  Six million, yep, keep teaching the children of the goyim the propaganda.  The shower rooms, canisters of Cyclone B, one 500 gram can does 100 jews.  Don’t teach anything about where the six million are buried, or who buried them, or where or anything about the magic crematoria that made all the evidence disappear.  Blame the Christians of the Third Reich for their just retaliation on the jews who economically destroyed a country.  Don’t bitch about ‘six million’ when the acts of Zionism brought about the rise of Hitler to save a Christian people from economic devastation.  If the jews would mind their own business, the western world would be a happier place.  The Jew has a long history of being expelled from countries for cause.  Over 1,200 years they were expelled from over 80 countries….wonder why?  Romans could not stand them.  The jews pissed off Emperor Titus so bad that he sacked Jerusalem in 70AD, ran the jews out, even hunted them down and killed the ones who fled. Pope Urban II’s crusades slaughtered a bunch in 1096.  King Edward I of England kicked them out in 1291.  Queen Isabella booted them from Spain in 1492.  Voltaire even opined in 1771 that the jew would be the downfall of humanity.   In 1835 the British wanted to settle the jews in Uganda to get them out of Europe.  Even the Russian Tsars expelled jews in 1881, having no need for them; just a persistent disruptive cult in the annoy of a Christian society.  Stalin even gave them a home territory in the far east of Siberia in 1928 to get them out of mainstream society.  Bring on the history lessons for the children of the goyim, teach them why Israel exists, teach them about the ‘jewish people’, teach them of Zionism…a bunch of arrogant ‘chosen’ white folks pretending they are related to an ancient dark skinned tribe of antiquity.  Oi vey, the propaganda machine is in overdrive in Corrupticut.

As for Tong and Doyle, both will end up as footnotes to politics, as puppets who did not deliver to their jewdicial masters.  Neither will ascend to state AG, both are fools, clowns and enemies of the people.  Sticking up for the family court of Connecticut is now a political death sentence.

“They always come for the jews” is just spin for the fact that it is jews like Emons, Solomon, Adelman, Wetstone, Arons Dembo, Bozek, Morrah, bring it on themselves.  Anti Christian players of the judiciary know the game they are playing and the consequences.  The Connecticut House of Representatives is not a sanctuary for the jew, it is a battleground where the people can triumph over the chosen elite who run the state for private purposes.  Of the people, for the people, by the people is not subject to Talmudic edicts.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It is difficult to follow Rennie’s logic.  He appears to claim that the incompetent judge was removed for being jewish, but then blames Rep. William Tong for not overriding the Assembly at the direction of judicial upper management.  Rather confusing.  A legal exercise of power of the people’s assembly being touted as a failure?  If there was a majority of representatives who wanted to keep Emons on the bench, then they could have called a vote, right?  Perhaps Rennie is just a domestic enemy of the Constitution?

Kevin Rennie.  Jewish propagandist?

Toni Boucher, brings the holocaust to Connecticut politics….jewish game.

Kevin Rennie’s Opinion in Hartford Courant:
Kevin Rennie: Legislature Fails Judge Subjected To Abuse

It was not a lot to ask of the General Assembly. Superior Court Judge Jane Emons wanted the legislature to vote on her confirmation for a second eight-year term on the bench. She had reason to be confident that she would prevail. After all, the former lawyer in the attorney general’s office had won a 30-3 vote in her nomination’s first stop, the judiciary committee.

She waited months, but that vote in the House of Representatives would never come. Judge Emons’ term expired on May 4 and she is done. This was no ordinary nomination. Judge Emons was the target of chilling anti-Semitic abuse online. She’d also been stalked by a discontented litigant who came before her in court.

Judge Emons was appointed to the bench by then Gov. M. Jodi Rell in her final year in office. It was the judge’s misfortune to be assigned to a family court. That’s the court in which the most unhappiness grows. Two people who once professed to love each other more than anyone else on earth are engaged in harsh conflict. In some instances, the matters before a judge in family court are an extension of the original conflict, often over their children, that has grown over disputes both minor and significant.

Some black and Puerto Rican legislators were critical of Judge Emons’ courtroom demeanor. During Judge Emons’ confirmation, she acknowledged their concerns by saying there were some matters that, with the benefit of experience and hindsight, she would have handled differently. That’s a rare admission in the renomination process.

She was willing to take her chances on having the full House and Senate vote on her fate following a bruising public debate. But for weeks, House leaders delayed a vote. At the same time, those leaders were championing the National Vote Compact on aligning electoral votes with the popular vote results in presidential elections. But allowing the 187 members of the legislature to vote on this nomination proved too much.

The legislature decided to address the vicious anti-Semitism aimed at Judge Emons by adopting a bill proposed by state Sen. Toni Boucher, R-Wilton, to require Holocaust education in our schools. Here’s an idea. Lead by example and reject the vile acts and words in your midst that gave birth to the Holocaust in Germany more than 80 years ago. Instead, they provided encouragement to people seeking to erase the stigma of anti-Semitism.

There was also Democratic politics in the run-up to the state party nominating convention later this month. State Rep. William Tong D-Stamford, serves as the co-chair of the judiciary committee. He’s also a candidate in the competitive race for the Democratic nomination for attorney general and did not want to risk the wrath of the judge’s opponents. Tong abandoned Judge Emons with his silence in failing to use his important position to secure a vote. Tong’s Democratic counterpart in the Senate, Paul Doyle, also a candidate for attorney general, was ready to deliver the votes to get Judge Emons through the upper chamber.

Tong has been traveling the state delivering to local Democratic activists a practiced, repetitive pitch on his credentials as a social justice warrior. He ends by casting his eyes to the ground, lifting his head, and in a hokey stage whisper says, “And that’s why we fight.”

What a phony. Tong, who attended elite private schools, must know the dark history of anti-Semitism. In this partisan age, battling anti-Semitism as it experiences a revival around the world ought to unite all people of goodwill. Instead, Tong sacrificed Judge Emons for his immediate political ambitions, failing to stand up against something he surely finds poisonous.

“They always come for the Jews,” British writer Douglas Murray wrote in The Spectator a few years ago. We thought Connecticut’s House of Representatives was a sanctuary from this poison. It is not. Democratic delegates and primary voters can restore our reputation this year by rebuking the disappointing Tong.

Kevin Rennie is a lawyer and a former Republican state legislator. He can be reached at