Judge Erika Tindill


Here is a shout out to Julie and Arthur Renfrew of Oxford, Connecticut! Did you not get the memo on JOCELYN HURWITZ? Ok, you two clowns are getting a divorce, but are you stupid? You let Steve Dembo and Joyce Riccio talk you into an agreement to employ the evil child predator Jocelyn Hurwitz as a GAL? Are you both insane? Have you not been… Read More »Warning!

Pedos, Niggers & Jews

Lions, tigers & bears, oh no!!! Pedos, niggers, and jews, oh it’s Connecticut again. Daddy pedo Scott Powell molests and rapes his daughters, but because of the proper mix of pedophile protecting cops, jew controlled child protective service, and a dumb nigger in a black robe, the screams of the girls have been silenced, mother maligned, and a federal jew has ruled it is all… Read More »Pedos, Niggers & Jews


The bizarro world of Connecticut pedophilia goes up against the First Amendment in the recent Second Circuit ruling in Powell v Jones-Soderman. Amazing to see how even federal judges in D. Connecticut work to protect the state pedo ring, lest the world officially recognizes the State as the child rape capital of New England. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and… Read More »Allegations


Just when you thought Connecticut Family Court was totally insane…in comes Suzanne Aaronson of Greenwich to raise all expectations. On Thursday, the government held a ‘forum’ to discuss family court antics with a bent on domestic violence. Great drivel was heard from the master of family corruption Judge Michael Albis and his retarded sidekick Joe DiTunno. Statistics, numbers, oratory and pure bullshit to obscure the… Read More »Slander!

Judge Erika Tindill: Full Retard

Time to spotlight more of the jewish stain on the Connecticut Family Court.  Judge Erika Tindill has gone full retard in setting new lows for the conduct of a court in these United States in the case of Battistotti v Aaronson out of Greenwich.  A black judge of curious background, claiming to have expertise in domestic violence, rape, all things black along with a unhealthy… Read More »Judge Erika Tindill: Full Retard