Attorney Cara Joyce

Tammy’s Mistrial

The now-famous Blog continues its coverage of judicial misfit, Judge Tammy Viet-Cong, communist terrorist in black robe, sitting in Hartford family court, with the sole jewish purpose of wreaking havoc on American families, demonstrated by her mishandling of a simple no-fault divorce in the Sakon case, where she intentionally rapes the childhood of little Odin. The tragic irony of Tammy Viet-Cong is that the land… Read More »Tammy’s Mistrial


The jewish word salad of Connecticut barristers betrays the feeble legal arguments played upon the goy in the name of trafficking children. The panic over the lack of immunity found by Judge Susan Cobb in the civil suit against Dr. Linda Smith, PhD catches the attention of blog legal and editorial seniors. Attorney Cara Joyce pleads that the undefined personal opinions of jewish psychologists in… Read More »Crucial


The jewish psychobabblists of Connecticut family court are in a PANIC! Dr. Linda Smith, PhD is facing a lawsuit for breach of contract in that she cannot adhere to agreed terms of cost and schedule. Read complaint here. Dr. Smith lost her argument before Judge Susan Cobb that her self-described ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY protected her from suits in breach of contract. Judge Cobb ruled no absolute… Read More »PANIC!

Smith’s Immunity Denial

In the jewdicial cesspool of Connecticut family court, the constant overreach of jewish games gets sickening. The vultures of the court feel empowered to take up the cloak of IMMUNITY while raping children and family bank. Blog star and pedophile Dr. Linda Smith, PhD got spanked by an Irish-Catholic judge for claiming IMMUNITY to rape Odin Sakon in a family matter. No immunity for a… Read More »Smith’s Immunity Denial

Jewish Immunity!

Welcome back to the cesspool of Connecticut Family Court where jew judges rig everything against the goy. Blog famous jew psychobabblist Linda Smith, PhD, expert in everything about other folk’s families, has stepped upon the stage of public scrutiny only to claim ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for her psycho fuckery performed under a state professional license. See how this works? The jew court relies on a jew… Read More »Jewish Immunity!