Pedo Cops

Thin Blue Pedo: Officer Joe Devoe

The one constant hallmark of the pedo family court is the use of police muscle to protect pedo interests.  Recently the Third Department Appellate Court of the State of New York unleashed a scathing scolding of pedo games played out under Judge Jill Kehn and her psycho appointee Dr. Jackie Bashkoff, Ph.D. on a mother, Lori Davis of Columbia County.  Justice Christine Clark did expose the… Read More »Thin Blue Pedo: Officer Joe Devoe


Be bold, be proud, be politically incorrect, criticize your government and the SWAT clowns steal your laptop….welcome to ‘murika.

General Mattis on Manhood

Slapping mothers around demonstrates lack of manhood and makes for fun killing.

Robert Thaner

Child traffickers of Connecticut