Robert Thaner

Jew Venom

The poison of jews in Connecticut Family Court has permanent harmful effects on children. Jew Judge Gerard Adelman, working with jews Stephen Dembo and Rhonda Morra destroyed mother-child bonds of three Thaner kids to the benefit of pedo blog star Robert Thaner. The oldest saved himself by running away, to the delight of Robert who hated this son. The case summary is fourteen years of… Read More »Jew Venom

Cert Granted!

The Connecticut Supreme Court has granted certiorari in mother’s criminal conviction for her four children’s fear of the father. The blog’s favorite nigger judge, Richard Robinson, has thrown the gauntlet at the feet of pedo cops, judges, and prosecutors who put mom in jail for the fact that Bob Thaner is such an ass that his own kids ran away from him in fear. Mother… Read More »Cert Granted!

Beat The Children!

Connecticut Judiciary says BEAT THE CHILDREN to enforce family court orders!!! The new head of the Connecticut Appellate Court, Judge William H. Bright, Jr. ruled today that if kids have a problem with the visitation schedule, or if there is a relationship issue, family discord or the like, that it is all mom’s fault and she will be arrested and jailed for not beating the… Read More »Beat The Children!

Robert Thaner

Child traffickers of Connecticut