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richard colangelo

Samantha & George

    The now-famous Blog has identified two peas in a pod who cannot count to First Amendment, idiots in clown costumes, sporting funny hats, badges, guns, no brains, and attitudes to violate rule of law on dog whistle commands from Kernel Stavros Mellekas of the Connecticut State Storm Troopers, all under commie commissioner James Rovella.  Meet Samantha McCord and George Jupin, two worthless state employees who double their salary every year by gobbling up overtime pay committing acts of terrorism against free citizens.  Blog parenting department notes poor upbringings, probably both abandoned at birth for noted mental defects. The state gestapo employs these two nuts at Computer Crime Lab, a black… Read More »Samantha & George


      Jewdicial monsters of Connecticut have invented a new class of disobedient goy: miserable whining mothers who denounce jewdicial child separation orders are now labeled DISGRUNTLED FAMILY COURT LITIGANTS.  A label officially applied to victims of family court, those fit mothers, not allowed to hug fruits of their womb, who just can’t suck up to wrath of Kundry to find happiness in not being hugged by rugrats.  The jew muscle of the State Police under the fat donut belly of paedo protector Colonel Stavros Mellekas declares in sworn affidavits that disgruntled litigants are a societal danger, who often flock together, share thoughts, ideas, information, peaceably assemble, petition elected representatives for redress… Read More »Disgruntled


        Connecticut: Where the Constitution goes to die! Here we go again. Just when you thought we had First Amendment rights, Judge John F. Blawie shreds the Constitution as a favor to his fellow prosecutor pal Richard Colangelo to railroad a convenient murder suspect for which the State lacks evidence to prosecute. Not citing any substantive reason nor sound case law, Blawie favors the prosecution’s beliefs and speculations over freedom of expression to tilt the scales of justice to the presumption of guilt. The great grey ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis, smells a rat and has taken Blawie’s pseudo gag order to the State Supreme Court for review. Colangelo’s game is obvious.… Read More »BLAWIE!