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Omar Williams

Malicious Prosecution

    The now-famous Blog legal department reviews Second Circuit ruling on malicious prosecution, predicting that rookie puppy cop Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Predatory Police will go down before a jury on the arrest of Matthew Couloute’s baby momma. Place your bets, millions on the table as Brendan is the tip of the iceberg, the small cog in the wheel of Connecticut criminal justice machinery that Couloute and his paedo pal Ryan McGuigan put into illegal motion to steal a child for deviant usage. Spotlight obnoxious Attorney Kristen Maccini who has been lying to the world for four years that her puppy cop client did nothing wrong by penning an affidavit of… Read More »Malicious Prosecution

    Stamford Thug

      The now-famous Blog calls out constitutional thuggery of the thin blue donut whores of Stamford, Connecticut. Thug Sergeant Richard Gasparino, moron with gun, badge, attitude, and no brains can’t count to First Amendment. Gasparino arrested constitutionally protected fellow citizen Mike Friend for standing on a public sidewalk holding a sign. The goon with the gun has quotas for tickets, a professional duty of sworn law enforcement officers, Stamford Police work on the greed incentive program, directed by Chief Timothy Shaw, a paedophile in uniform, labeled ‘Champion of Youth’ for his fondness of little boys. The asshole with a gun arrests fellow citizen for exercising constitutionally protected right to free speech,… Read More »Stamford Thug

      Blue Rat

        The now-famous Blog can’t make this shit up! Code of silence of the thin blue line is breached, Bloomfield PD’s lowly puppy cop turned RAT! K9 Officer Brendan Danaher refuses to take the fall for paedo ring’s trafficking precious Sophie, sex toy of Ryan McGuigan and Matthew Couloute, by using arrest powers to extradite battered mother in safe haven under protective order of a New York Court. Not that pooper scooper rookie has the brains to pull it off, alone. Brendan tosses Detective Zachary Klomberg under the bus, filing today in federal court, claiming Judge Underhill fucked up by severing Chief Hammick, Detective Klomberg, Matthew Suplee and the Town of… Read More »Blue Rat

        Brendan’s Defense

          Pooper scooper K9 cop of Bloomfield Police, mother hunter and paedo operative Brendan Danaher has a bombshell defense exposed by his lawyer Kristan Maccini before Judge Stefan Underhill of U.S. District Court Connecticut … he was following orders of Detective Zach Klomberg!! No reasonable jury is going to believe little rookie puppy cop singularly manipulated machinery of Connecticut’s criminal justice system to obtain a felony extradition warrant of a battered mother in safe haven in another state on complaint of a resident of Georgia. The defense is perfect! How did a K9 cop know to void a restraining order of another state, take the word of Matthew Couloute, speaking for… Read More »Brendan’s Defense

          Brendan Goes To Trial

            Brendan Danaher, pooper scooper puppy cop of Bloomfield Police faces a federal jury for hunting a battered mother across state lines, nullifying court orders, perjury, executing directives of corrupt Connecticut lawyers, prosecuting a complaint of a mad man from Georgia, conspiring with prosecutors for abuse of the criminal justice system for private gain; child abuse, attempted kidnapping notwithstanding. Officer Danaher’s crooked daddy Judge John Danaher is upset his paedo ring has been outed … again. Today, pooper scooper cop’s lawyer, the obnoxious, hideous Kristan Maccini tortured USDJ Stefan Underhill with meritless, frivolous whining on why a sworn law enforcement officer should not face a jury for arresting mother on direction… Read More »Brendan Goes To Trial