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Marissa Alter

Shill Marissa Alter

The now famous blog highlights how the jews of Connecticut work together to gloss over the evil of the jew controlled family court system and the harm inflicted on society under its singular agenda to harm children and plunder family savings for the sole benefit of jews. The blog focuses on how Marissa Alter, a so called ‘reporter’ for NBCNews12Connecticut, is a jew media tool… Read More »Shill Marissa Alter

Psycho Testing

The jews running the psychobabble game of family court have a great racket for fooling the goy into believing there is meaning to psychological testing performed on unsuspecting victims of the jewdicial scam. But every now and again, something pops out of the script that catches the famous blog’s attention. The jew producers at Lifetime put on a two-hour show about Jen Dulos, glossing over… Read More »Psycho Testing


Who is the next woman with money to be swindled and murdered in Connecticut Family Court? Jennifer Farber Dulos, 50 year old, mother of five was murdered on 24 May 2019 by her adulterous, psycho hubby Fotis Dulos. A tragic dark tale played out under the twisted jewish game of Connecticut family court. Jen filed for divorce on 20 June 2017, two years before her… Read More »NEXT!