Judge Gerard I. Adelman

Adelman Deception

Card tricks, sleight of hand, trickery, word salad, doublespeak, and sworn testimony by Judge Gerard I. Adelman share a common purpose … DECEPTION. The now-famous blog quotes sworn testimony from the chief jew child rapist of the Connecticut family court from his re-appointment hearing of January 2017. Judge Gerard Adelman ‚ÄúCustody cases that are prolonged are damaging to the children and they must be decided… Read More »Adelman Deception

Christopher Ambrose: Part 9

Connecticut’s jewish game of rape childhood and drain family bank continues its steady march to the drumbeat of Zionism. Jew Judge Adelman dishes out more pain and suffering for the goy from his high bench of family court. This time he attacks a free press, triggering blow back from Dolfecino claiming Adelman is fair game! A judge of delusional mind, who thinks he will muzzle… Read More »Christopher Ambrose: Part 9


Time to examine the jewish application of law in the pedo utopia of Connecticut, where children are raped and Annie Lamont applauds her husband’s participation. Jewish law is evident in Adelman’s rabbinical court victimizing three gifts from God: Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer Ambrose. Adelman has shredded the First Amendment on fabricated claim of children’s privacy; a jew’s game. A sovereign people hold duty to regulate… Read More »Expression


The blog has been gagged! Well, not really. But the jewish pedophile excuse of a judge, the Dark Lord himself, the wasting, soon to be dead, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, has proudly embarrassed the sovereign people of Connecticut by attempting an end run around the First Amendment to gag d’blog while he continues the rape of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. Oi vey, put a black… Read More »GAG!