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elizabeth bozzuto


    The big dumb nigger in the black robe puts the two biggest TWATS of the jewdiciary in charge of administration. Connecticut’s third branch of government is now administered by two TWATS! Founding Blog star Elizabeth Bozzuto and cohort Anne Ficeto will now demonstrate to the public how to completely fuck up a totally fucked up branch of government. Blog can’t make this shit up! Judge Patrick Carroll, old, senile, incompetent, crooked, pedo clown takes senior status, stepping down from the most corrupt office in the judiciary, Chief Court Administrator, not that Carroll could administer a taco stand, this icon of court corruption is taking a back seat and a big… Read More »Twats!


      The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind identifies Toby J, Heytens, domestic enemy of the Constitution, enemy of ‘we the people’, a subversive jew working to undermine First Amendment, lest holohoax be exposed. Toby is the retarded fool who pens amicus brief for stooge Clarence Thomas to stand upon, lecturing goy on unacceptable speech. Redneck mountain justice patriots say ‘fuck you’!  First Amendment is purely American, it protects mutterings at the Green Dragon, promotes tea parties, it gives cause to slaughter twenty-thousand British troops, takes down a sovereign, is the essence of self-government, it even feeds the homeless, which is why Toby hates it. Can’t have goy populace governing… Read More »Toby!

      Bozzuto’s Charge

        Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto working to defeat judicial accountability by rule of Talmud