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Brian Staines

Bumbling Bellis

    The now-famous Blog, all seeing worst kind, highlights bumbling Barbara Bellis, a jewdicial excuse of a human, devoid of brains, unable to grasp simple concepts of American jurisprudence, being a stain on the Republic, worthy of having her chimney pots painted black, along with a bath of tar and feathers. Bumbling Barbara usurps unconstitutional powers, assuming combined rolls of accuser, judge, jury, and executioner; clipping the great grey ponytail, who we all know and love as Norm Pattis, the most villainized zealous advocate in gulag Connecticut. Barb d’blunder issues an illegal order, citing PB 13-5, but failing to read the details, claiming to protect plaintiffs’ tender feelings from scrutiny of… Read More »Bumbling Bellis


      The great grey ponytail of Connecticut has been snipped by SandyHoax jewdicial authority Barbara Bellis. Attorney Norm Pattis has been suspended from the practice of law in the cesspool for six months! Norm announces he will appeal, which takes at least two years, proving once again that howling at the moon provides better relief than Judge William Bright’s star chamber of affirming constitutional horrors. But the most bloglicious news is descriptors applied to Norm! by Judge Bellis. The now-famous Blog finds Norm! to be a ‘giant of the profession’, the ‘last of the slash and burn trial lawyers’, ‘a voice of freedom’, a true champion of clients with cash, an… Read More »Norm!

      Nusbaum Fraud

        The now-famous Blog spotlights Connecticut’s regulated craft of plunder in the highly regulated profession of law, a den of thieves known to all as ‘family court’.  The jews of the Gulag conspire to rape goy wallets in the name of legal services, another jew scam to bleed four-legged animals in fabricated custody fights. The judges of the jewdiciary, responsible for regulating the ‘honorable profession’, promote and protect the plunder and loot racket incidental to state issuance of administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce. A jewish racket, protected by state government, no benefit to society, a danger to children, a jewdiciary actively promoting fraud for the benefit of the jew. Attorney Edward Nusbaum is… Read More »Nusbaum Fraud

        Fifth Amendment Claim

          The great grand retard in black drapes acknowledges a Fifth Amendment claim against his summary disbarment of a zealous advocate.  The magnificent blog star, the chief justice of the Starr Chamber, the devil incarnate, the terror in jewdicial terrorism, Judge Thomas Moukawsher inquires if the state’s attorney office has been in contact with any of the clowns regarding his unconstitutional wrath wielded from the backwater nutmeg bench improperly named Regional Family Trial Docket. There is nothing before the court regarding the disbarment of the advocate who argues for Mia, Matthew, Sawyer in exercise fundamental right to hug mom. Only jews seek to destroy parent-child bonds, destroy families, and advocate for… Read More »Fifth Amendment Claim

          Jewdicial Retaliation

            Taking note of Judge Moukawsher’s disbarment for zealous advocacy, calling out the well-known jewish mafia of Connecticut family court, the now-famous worst Blog spotlights jewish wrath being alive and well in the cesspool of Corrupticut. Contrast Moukawsher’s retaliation to Gordan Kaplan, an attorney, convicted felon, a month in jail, for $75k bribery to rig daughters college admission. Kaplan kept his law license, suffering only a suspension from practice for two years. But Moukawsher disbarred an attorney because he did not like what she said. See the jewness of Moukawsher and his masters! Jews in family court have exposed themselves for having complete control of Moukawsher, able to squash an advocate… Read More »Jewdicial Retaliation

            Public Interest!

              The shit show of Connecticut jurisprudence has appointed little dweebee, ball-less wonder Brian Staines, Esq. to protect the PUBLIC INTEREST when a rogue judge like Moukawsher disbars a zealous advocate for the rabbinical sin of arguing in protection of childhood against the jewish ideology spewed from the Talmudic bench by kikes in black robes. Moukawsher issued his order on Wednesday in his fabricated disbarment proceeding of Nickola Cunha. Blog famous Moukawsher, suffering from intellectual impairment, requiring medication and a disability pension, spewed drivel, assigning protection of public interest to incompetent judicial office employees: Brian Staines ($131k), Leanne Larson ($127k), Marie-Louise Villar($117k), Karen Oliver Damboise ($113k), Nancy Pulito ($74k) and a… Read More »Public Interest!