Private speech police roam the land of the free and home of the brave. They are funded by the chosen who act to subdue criticism by four-legged animals. These uneducated morons licensed as ‘private investigators’ act as domestic terrorists to undermine the Bill of Rights. Their prime target is the First Amendment. Criticize the chosen and be hunted by their flying monkeys. Meet Brian Hedley,… Read More »PrivateEye

Protecting Children

The recent drama in Cook County involving a mother-child bond and the clot shot exposed the jews of family court in full splendor. The new revelation is that the little kid was represented by Attorney Michael Bender, who did absolutely nothing when jew Judge James Shapiro violated his client’s constitutional rights. In America, the free and the brave do not employ ten year old little… Read More »Protecting Children

Jew Shapiro

Judge James Shapiro of Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois promotes his jewness for all to see in direct violation of the Constitution. The self-chosen clown in a black robe rules from the Talmud rather than from within the constrains of law. Jew Boy James violates the Eighth Amendment by using a child as weapon of punishment against an un-vaccinated mother, violates the Fifth Amendment… Read More »Jew Shapiro

Nusbaum $68k

Attorney Edward Nusbaum, one of Connecticut’s most lecherous jew divorce lawyers pleads to intervene in the Ambrose case to bring contempt charges against a mother, who is a former client, for refusing to pay his fraudulent billing of $68k. Now this is funny! Eddy d’Jew is just a hustler in Westport who preys on folks with money. He is such a low life that all… Read More »Nusbaum $68k


Oi vey! Connecticut family court must be bad if a jewish rabbi is complaining about the jewish form of divorce for the goy. Blog famous Rabbi Jon Jay Tilsen of New Haven has taken to the opinion section of the New Haven Register to whine about the jewdicial scam of ‘no fault’ divorce. He is such a jerk that he fails to recognize that the… Read More »Opinion


Blog star William Tong, the chink Attorney General of Connecticut is in the spotlight, or perhaps more accurately stated, the cross-hairs. The geographically displaced chinese communist mole will soon take the pubic stage in support of state sponsored child abuse in response to a mother’s lawsuit filed against the State Mafia of pedophilia. General Tong’s own propaganda claims that protecting families is his top priority… Read More »TONG!


Mouk-who? What is going on in the child trafficking court of Connecticut? Judge Thomas Moukawsher is now assigned to the private star chamber of family court. He is the new presiding judge of the infamous pedo court known as Regional Family Trial Docket, where parents get fleeced and children are raped. But why? There is little in Moukawsher’s background to suggest he is a pedophile… Read More »Moukawsher?


She is at it again! Another public example of a retarded immigrant female making it to the family bench to completely fuck up the purpose of court. Judge Tammy Tram Viet-Nguyen, is a piece of shit Vietnamese refugee from a shit-hole jungle, product of a fabricated war created by jews, whom she now serves, a token bit of diversity that every enlightened society abhors. She… Read More »TAMMY!

Get Grossman!

Get Jane Grossman off the bench! The now famous blog makes a call to arms for the people of Connecticut to purge the family court of this evil monster and child predator. Grossman is up for reappointment in April ’22, a mere eight months away. The blog throws down the gauntlet in creating a public service campaign focused on de-benching her Grossness. Think of it… Read More »Get Grossman!


The now famous blog highlights the jewish hijacking of American jurisprudence of family protection under the now defunct federal Constitution. Historical review of Connecticut case law shows what was once the protected foundation of society has become a punching bag of jewdicial discretion, but only for white people with money. A sad and vile subversion by the jews in black robes who masquerade as the… Read More »Premise