Happy New Year! Time to make those resolutions! The now-famous Blog has no interest in gym memberships, dietary restrictions, or other self-help considerations. Blog remains focused on the evil of family court and herein lists the objectives for 2022. More .50 cal ammunition for the number of jewdicial heads needing full metal jacket intervention. Evil cannot thrive where retaliation is swift. Jewdicial discretion of separating… Read More »Resolutions!

Pedo Alert!

The now-famous Blog issues a PEDO ALERT on the actions of Attorney Misty Simmons of FreedMarcroft in her twisted family court games of concealing the source of $250k ‘borrowed’ funds for deviant client Fancelia Sevin in the case of trafficking little Odin Sakon. Judge Tammy Viet-Cong is in on child trafficking, ignoring the fact that an interested public is watching. What is now the longest… Read More »Pedo Alert!

Mary Brigham

The big black man in the black robe sitting atop the corrupt Connecticut judiciary is cowering in his office, fearful his legacy will be nothing but a black-face puppet for jewish masters who hijacked the courts. The token person-of-color selection is a perfect choice to execute a non-American agenda, subduing a free people with their own courts. Chief Justice Richard Robinson is powerless, toothless, spineless,… Read More »Mary Brigham


The now-famous Blog examines the free exercise clause of the First Amendment for the damage it can do to the monsters of Connecticut Family Court. Jewdicial discretion is limited by the sharp edge of a medieval holy sword. Judges possess varying beliefs and heresy, dykish and deviant being pronounced. The Bozzuto/Murphy style; followed by the despised jewish form, Solomon/Adelman/Wetstone/Grossman/Munro/Dranginis/Schofield/Epstein/Aaron et al.; then the heretic Catholic… Read More »Jihad!


The First Amendment protects the marketplace of ideas, being the essence of a free people engaged in self-governance. The now famous-Blog proposes some ideas for the marketplace to remedy the evils of child trafficking in the Connecticut family courts. First and foremost, a mob of self-governing philosophers raid the State Supreme Court, drag all the judges out to the middle of Capitol Avenue and behead… Read More »Marketplace

FrankReport: Vicki Frenzel

The trailer trash hair stylist from Watertown makes headlines on the FrankReport for the antics of Waterbury Family Court and what lecherous lawyers will do for money in front of a jewish judge. This ten year saga is the most expensive case of child trafficking and childhood rape by the jews of family court. The big nigger in the black robe and his side ‘ho… Read More »FrankReport: Vicki Frenzel

Clear & Present Danger!

The now-famous Blog takes this Holy Day to expose the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER of the jews of Connecticut family court, where the only remaining option to protect children rests in violence and lawless action, all other avenues of redress being exhausted. Merry Christmas! The evil doers of family court will promote the Dark Lord Judge Gerard Adelman and his alien addiction to raping childhood… Read More »Clear & Present Danger!

Wait … whut?

Blog star and Upstate New York woodchuck Judge Jeffrey Wait is back in the news for being the deceitful little shit that his wife Mary Lou is so proud of. Twenty-five years ago this chosen self-serving p.o.s fabricated evidence in an investigation leading to the conviction of a goy disliked by the jewish political machine of Brooklyn, he thought he got away with it, but… Read More »Wait … whut?


What does a jewish pedophile GAL call it when the State places a 72 hour protective hold on three sex toys? EMERGENCY! The now-famous Blog cannot make this shit up! The players are pedo child trafficker Christopher Ambrose, his jewish Attorney Nancy Aldrich, jewish GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz, and jew dyke pedo Judge Jane Grossman. The scenario is simple. Detective William DeGoursey of Madison Police figures… Read More »Emergency!

Hunt Deichert!

Look for a small army of Connecticut mothers hunting down Robert Deichert, hubby of ReneĆ©, father to Ellie and Rose, but soon to be raw political mince meat fed to the dogs. Attorney Deichert represented the State of Connecticut on behalf of Attorney General Willie d’chink Tong before Judge Robert Shapiro to argue against motherhood in defiance of statutes. D’chink Tong sends Deichert to throw… Read More »Hunt Deichert!