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Insane Lunatic!

The now-famous Worst Blog examines the non-functioning, diseased, irrational jewdicial mind of the grand moron in a black robe, the insane lunatic, the Dark Lord himself, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, a rabbinical monster of talmudic powers wreaking havoc on the people’s court system, cuz he is just a fucking insane lunatic who cannot perform his simple job function in family court. In reviewing forty worthless… Read More »Insane Lunatic!


The now-famous and Blog of the worst kind highlights dumb nigger in charge of the Connecticut Jewdiciary who conspires to conceal judgements from a sovereign people. Nigger Boy Robinson, Chief of the third branch of state government, a former slave, now Free At Last! Free At Last! Free At Last! is a mere tyrant worthy of a .50 cal to the head. The Tree of… Read More »Nigger!

The Worst!

The now-famous Blog has been declared THE WORST by Judge Gerard Adelman of Connecticut family court who opines the following: This blog, produced by an unnamed person, is filled with anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist rants of the worst kind. It is based on the belief that the entire family law bench and bar in Connecticut and other states are being controlled by a mysterious Jewish… Read More »The Worst!


Judge Gerard Adelman of Connecticut family court has proved to the world he is a stark raving mad lunatic in a black robe suffering from grand mental defect. The evidence of his insane lunacy is the divorce decree issued in the Ambrose drama that has spanned three years and drained the family bank, inflicting emotional harm upon three gifts from God. The jew got his… Read More »Lunatic!

Judicial Joke

Did you hear the one about Connecticut judges having SUPERVISORY DUTIES to ensure judges and clerks do their fucking jobs? It is hilarious! Added to the feigned Code of Judicial Conduct in 2011, approved by the monkeys of the legislature, the managing morons in black robes are required by CODE to ensure the judicial employees actually perform their job function. The CODE construction requires all… Read More »Judicial Joke

Truglia: Dismissed!

From time to time in the course of human events, in the preservation of liberty, in the advancement of enlightened societies, there is necessity to prune a dead branch from the Tree of Liberty, refresh its roots with the blood of tyrants; exemplifying terroristic behaviour that should be avoided by others. Judge Anthony Truglia, Jr., presiding jerk of Bridgeport family court is a source of… Read More »Truglia: Dismissed!

Danbury Gestapo

Another big brainless nigger with a gun, badge, attitude, and no respect for law. The Chief of Danbury Gestapo has unleashed his flying monkeys to hunt expression disliked by his jew overlords. The land of the free and the home of the brave must deal with publicly funded domestic terrorism unleashed on the world by the unwitting taxpayers of Danbury, who attack American liberties of… Read More »Danbury Gestapo

Neal Graber

Dr. Neal Graber works on teeth, as a dentist, but destroys childhood by deep rooted paedo psychosis where he treats children in manners that would be animal abuse to puppies. Another tragic story of humanity proving the world would be a better place if this nutjob daddy was hit by a bus. In the herd of humans, culling can be a good thing. Blog spotlights… Read More »Neal Graber

Call me!

The now-famous Blog spotlights how court whores of Connecticut run up excessive bills for mediocre legal representation in obtaining simple, administrative, no-fault divorces for their clients: they talk on the phone!!! New Blog star, Attorney Maria McKeon runs the fraudulent McKeon Law Group, a group of one, with ‘vast in house legal experience’, sitting at her kitchen table, too pathetic to have an actual office… Read More »Call me!

Thin Blue Threats

Godmother shows up to deliver Easter Baskets to her God Children in the anti-Christian jurisdiction of Madison Police Department, under the atheistic leadership of Chief ‘Jack’ Drumm. Upon complaint of Mad Man Christopher Ambrose, that Easter was being celebrated, a thin blue thug is dispatched on complaint of the mentally defective, suicidal, in need of treatment, father of three kids who received Easter Baskets!! A… Read More »Thin Blue Threats