Long Duck Tonger

The federal gauntlet has been tossed at the webbed feet of Connecticut Attorney General, chink pedophile, master Confucius, jew puppet, democrat William Tong. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has had it with swinging dicks running on the girls track team under the pseudonym ‘transgender’. The jewish game of labels and self-identification is getting called out to the tune of $18 million in denied federal grants to… Read More »Long Duck Tonger

Happy Feet

Paedo Detective

Spotlight Detective Suzanne Laiuppa of Bloomfield Police Department in the Connecticut paedophile utopia. The fact that nutmeg paedos operate so well is due to the protection they receive from the criminal justice system. The deviants of society behave in such a grotesque manner that their activities often get exposed. In a civilized society these miscreants would be stoned, beheaded, or burned at the stake. But… Read More »Paedo Detective

Dyke Trafficker

In the deviant world of trafficking children for devilish pleasures of the unclean, there are unscrupulous players usurping state powers to please the pedophiles of Connecticut. Meet Claudette Kosinski, an inspector in the employ of the State’s Attorney Office. Kosinski holds the same powers as a chief detective under the state’s criminal justice system. Kosinski is a butch dyke, a foul human of incompetent intellect,… Read More »Dyke Trafficker


Time to question the integrity of the thin blue line of Bloomfield, Connecticut. The little sleepy pedophile hamlet where citizens fund local police to perform ‘favors’ for pedophiles, while trafficking children. Let’s look at the professional conduct of Officer Brendan Danaher who knowingly took a fabricated criminal complaint from the nefarious Matthew Condel Couloute of Cumming, Georgia on 11 January 2017 at 9pm in the… Read More »Integrity?

Je suis Charlie

The now famous blog pays tribute to those of Charlie Hebdo in Paris who died by the hands of the insane … no, not the jews, but their brethren muslim nut jobs who also believe they are better than the rest of us. The commonality between jews and muslims is that they both hate Christians and will take any terrorist action to harm the host… Read More »Je suis Charlie

Critical Race Theory

The jews play more parasitic tricks on a host society.

Words That Wound/Judges Who Kill

The Connecticut Supreme Court is fascinated with the use of the word ‘nigger‘, as it wounds the black person. What the fuck is this shit? The judges have established a class of speech that causes wounds when spoken? Yeah, right. What about judges who kill? Connecticut Family Court is under the singular control of jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon. This court has killed a number… Read More »Words That Wound/Judges Who Kill

Connecticut Speech Police

The jews who control the State of Connecticut have redefined speech for the peasants they rule. The high court, under the very black leadership of Chief Justice Richard Robinson decided today that black people are so oppressed that referring to them as ‘niggers’ is no longer protected speech under the First Amendment. According to fucking nigger boy Robinson’s court, you will be jailed for calling… Read More »Connecticut Speech Police

Gloucester Grimm

The jews are at it again, this time undermining the norms of indoor plumbing installed under building codes at the local schools where minors go to pee. Oi vey, is there nothing out of reach of jewery in the American society? Let us bow our heads and pray that these Old Testament fuckups will just die, leaving the meek to inherit the earth. Miscreant Gavin… Read More »Gloucester Grimm