Punishment By Child: Upheld!

The big dumb nigger of the Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld punishment by child! The cruel and unusual punishment of taking kids away from a mother to invoke the wrath of a jewish family court judge is just another day in the cesspool of state courts. Nigger boy Justice Richard Robinson will bitch about black cotton pickin’ slaves, but will let white children be used… Read More »Punishment By Child: Upheld!

Part 3: Unspecified Disorder

The third part in the drama of pedo dad Christopher Ambrose and the court system that abuses children, while lawyers get rich, families go broke, and pedophiles are protected. Read on Frank Report. The jewish psycobabblist Jessica Biren Caverly is cited for diagnosing mother with an ‘unspecified disorder’ for which the jew magic of family court finds cause for isolation of children from mom, as… Read More »Part 3: Unspecified Disorder


The lawyers who practice the dark art form of family law, preying on children, before deviant judicial authorities, play nasty tricks on ‘we the people’ by creating fact from fiction, passed by whispers, until it is spoken to the judge to create a basis for illegal orders. Let’s examine how misinformation is created in the star chamber of Waterbury JD, the court of Judge Anna… Read More »Whispers


What game does Connecticut play with the courts? On one hand the courts are open per state constitutional clause, the courts are public forums, federal Constitution provides public right to scrutiny protected in First Amendment, the nutmegers are a sovereign people, responsible for the proper functioning of the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. But there is a cadre of… Read More »Game?

Frank Report #2: Chris Ambrose (High Risk)

The more that is written about Christopher Ambrose, the more the people of Connecticut realize that family court is a danger to children. Jews, Jews, and more Jews, trafficking innocent children. Why is it always the jews? Adelman, Grossman, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Caverly, team jew to rape the children. Public service message: Christopher Ambrose is abusing three children in his house at 381 Horse Pond Road… Read More »Frank Report #2: Chris Ambrose (High Risk)

Frank Report: Chris Ambrose

The evils of Connecticut family court are not difficult to spot. Read the first in a series of articles on the jewdicial conspiracy to protect a pedophile and traffic children: FRANK REPORT. Looks like CJ Richard Robinson and Judge Michael Albis have some explaining to do. Judges Adleman and Grossman should be in federal custody along with Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz. Law enforcement and state child… Read More »Frank Report: Chris Ambrose


Connecticut’s jewish agenda is a gift that keeps on giving blog feed. Even the great grey ponytail, giant of the legal profession, and blog favorite, NORM PATTIS is in the fray! A nutjob Texas judge hands down a twisted decision against Alex Jones that shreds the First Amendment. Blog loves the First Amendment! The SandyHoax is a story about mass murder carried out with a… Read More »SandyHoax

Ficeto’s Dick

Time for the now famous blog to highlight Judge Anna Ficeto’s dick and what drives her to ram it in the ass of childhood. Ficeto lives in Wolcott, Connecticut in a big house at 13 Diamond Rock Rd. She is a miscreant of a human and a deviant child predator. She is a heretic, taking communion as a mislabeled Catholic, keeping her beastly tail tucked… Read More »Ficeto’s Dick

Agati rules fair!

The Italian jewdicial grease ball of Waterbury JD, Salvatore Agati rules that evil Judge Anna Ficeto is a fair judge!! The hypocrisy is palpable. Two jewish judges who pretend to be of the Catholic faith traffic Sofie and Evie Grohs along with their large trust funds, depriving them of hugs from mother and family for over four years. Agati rules it is all FAIR! Lock… Read More »Agati rules fair!


Rumours are circulating around Hartford Family Court that Attorney Jen Shukla has been fired from the firm of FreedMarcroft for her incompetent representation of nut job Francelia Sevin, wherein Shukla advised her client to violate court orders as a tactic to promote conflict involving little kid Odin Sakon. Most folks view her firing as a good thing. It is quite rare that lawyers in family… Read More »FIRED?