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Peggy Lyons

Escort Services

    Need police muscle to hunt down estranged children, intimidate the ex-spouse, just call Chief Jack Drumm of Madison, Connecticut Police Department where a cruiser with lights will escort a private citizen around town, hunting his abused children, demanding they return to his loving care. Blog can’t make this shit up! The public witnessed Chris Ambrose waiting in ambush of his daughter Mia outside Robert’s grocery store, a stealthy trap, armed with loving hugs and police muscle, complete with a nine millimeter, extra clips, and handcuffs. A bloglicious drama played out with full paedo protection, witnessed by an overly trusting public, who unwittingly fund Jack Drumm’s perverted concept of police protection,… Read More »Escort Services

    Chris Ambrose: Part 7

      No shortage of cringe-able drama from Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut. Part 7 of the series by the FrankReport is published, it is frightening! Big fat pedo daddy continues to keep Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer prisoner at 381 Horse Pond Road, under gestapo protection of the thin blue pedophile police commanded by chief child rapist Jack Dunn and doting piggalo First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons. Pedophilia is alive and well protected in Madison!! _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Ambrose Papers #7: Forensic Examiner Investigating Image of Ambrose’s Hard Drive – Charges May Be Coming for Father Who Allegedly Abuses Children October 16, 2021 {Portrait of a monster? Or is that Chris Ambrose?  What kind… Read More »Chris Ambrose: Part 7

      Madison Speech Police

        In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the public holds right to scrutiny of matters in a public forum protected by the First Amendment, which is itself protected by the Second Amendment. The cops of Madison, Connecticut answer to a higher calling than the Constitution, where they hunt down free speech under the guise of a criminal complaint of a family court litigant who thinks he is special because he pays Jocelyn Hurwitz lots of money to bring harm to his children and their mother. Now Chief Jack Drumm has dispatched his flying monkeys to hunt the now famous blog by direction of his jewish… Read More »Madison Speech Police