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Ned Lamont

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

    Now-famous Blog’s definition department spotlights jewdicial word-salad of the Connecticut family court in requiring unobtainable services to affect visitation between little Odin Sakon of 53 Benton Street, Manchester and his dad. Viet-cong terrorist Judge Tammy Nguyen specified unspecified service, not defined by the state, as a requirement of visitation, a jewdicial ploy to sever father-son bonds, inflame conflict, promote protracted litigation.  Little Odin has not played catch with his dad for the last ten months, not even a phone call, as mother Francelia Sevin employs the fruit of her womb as a weapon of vindictiveness against child’s father; all under the approval of paedophile Judge Leo Diana, master childhood rapist… Read More »Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

    Tong’s War

      The now-famous Blog of the Worst form, in expression of pure protected political speech, essence of self-governance, calls out Connecticut jews for un-Patriotic attack on the Second Amendment. There is little pride to living in Gulag Connecticut, where chosen ones violate Fourteenth Amendment protections, stripping citizens of right to bare arms, for the sole cause of geography. Jews played Sandy Hoax to disarm people, a jewish ideological goal. Only jews can twist logic that if something bad happens, then goy must be disarmed. The Hoax of autistic weakling, Adam Lanza, firing off 150 rounds in five minutes, on a ten pound pull, missing only six times, pumped kids full with… Read More »Tong’s War

      No Catholics!

        The cat is out of the bag!  The jig is up, the word is out!  Connecticut ideology excludes Catholics from teaching positions, lest the kids are not groomed to be sex toys of the chosen.  Jew ideologues permeate state department of EDUCATION to ensure only ‘progressive’ paedophile loving, child raping monsters teach the children.  Greenwich Public Schools have been outed for being professional groomers.  Children at Cos Cob Elementary School are just victims. Project Veritas outs what the Now-Famous Blog has been advertising for years … Connecticut is a jew controlled gulag, a bastion of paedophilia, a danger to children, where the hidden agenda of the jew violates state and… Read More »No Catholics!

        Call To Arms!

          The sovereign people of Connecticut are called to arms by tyranny of their own government. Mothers seeking redress of grievances for the protection of their children are to be barred from the court by claim of Reneé Deichert’s deviant husband Robert. Pedo daddy Robert filed the State’s claim that mothers should not be able to use the court to plead for relief against unscrupulous state actors who rape children for profit. The court being the alternative to violence, the State of Connecticut wants violence! A call to arms! Crosses burn in the Highlands. The government has thrown the gauntlet, there will be no civilized court review of the abuse of… Read More »Call To Arms!


            Blog star William Tong, the chink Attorney General of Connecticut is in the spotlight, or perhaps more accurately stated, the cross-hairs. The geographically displaced chinese communist mole will soon take the pubic stage in support of state sponsored child abuse in response to a mother’s lawsuit filed against the State Mafia of pedophilia. General Tong’s own propaganda claims that protecting families is his top priority by standing up to ‘powerful’ forces that threaten all! But his own office refuses to help Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer when they sought protection, where Assistant Attorney General for Children, Steve Vitelli formally stated the state held no interest in protecting the abused kids, because… Read More »TONG!