Judge Jane Kupson Grossman

Jewish Restraint

In the bizzarro family court of the jewish cesspool of Connecticut, the application of chosen prior restraint is pointedly unconstitutional, but played upon the goy as jewdicial discretion. Forget the Bill of Rights, forget the parchment known as the Constitution, this is Connecticut where jews rule, the four legged barnyard goy animals exist only for kosher slaughter, their kids too. The nutmeg goy enter the… Read More »Jewish Restraint

Madman: Christopher Ambrose

Another story of a madman, his lawyer and too much money. Meet Christopher Ambrose, a demented narcissist, self-denying homosexual, with less than high school level of maturity, masquerading as a father of three, special needs, adopted children, whom he enjoys torturing with the aid of his expensive lawyer, and doting GAL, in the perverted family court of Connecticut, before Judge Jane Grossman. Christopher now lives… Read More »Madman: Christopher Ambrose

She’s A Witch!

The Connecticut Family Court holds the modern day version of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Rather than accusations of witchcraft, today’s court applies claims of mental defect. Like what is witchcraft in the first place? What is a mental defect? Deep in the bowels of the Bridgeport Courthouse, Judge Jane Grossman opines from the bench in the Ambrose case that the mother of Mia,… Read More »She’s A Witch!