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Chris Ambrose: Part 7

No shortage of cringe-able drama from Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut. Part 7 of the series by the FrankReport is published, it is frightening! Big fat pedo daddy continues to keep Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer prisoner at 381 Horse Pond Road, under gestapo protection of the thin blue pedophile police commanded by chief child rapist Jack Dunn and doting piggalo First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons. Pedophilia… Read More »Chris Ambrose: Part 7


Here is a shout out to Julie and Arthur Renfrew of Oxford, Connecticut! Did you not get the memo on JOCELYN HURWITZ? Ok, you two clowns are getting a divorce, but are you stupid? You let Steve Dembo and Joyce Riccio talk you into an agreement to employ the evil child predator Jocelyn Hurwitz as a GAL? Are you both insane? Have you not been… Read More »Warning!

State Extortion

The over-educated blog staff has cause to explain the extortion racket run by the jewdiciary of Connecticut involving GAL fees. Recent publicity in the Ambrose case spotlights jew Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz of the jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf; her $180k+ worth of billed fees for providing nefarious legal representation of child’s best interest. No representation of due process, equal protection, or human decency, Jocelyn just… Read More »State Extortion

Part 3: Unspecified Disorder

The third part in the drama of pedo dad Christopher Ambrose and the court system that abuses children, while lawyers get rich, families go broke, and pedophiles are protected. Read on Frank Report. The jewish psycobabblist Jessica Biren Caverly is cited for diagnosing mother with an ‘unspecified disorder’ for which the jew magic of family court finds cause for isolation of children from mom, as… Read More »Part 3: Unspecified Disorder