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elliot solomon

Sui Generis

    The now-famous Blog observes the jewness of the Connecticut Superior Court in Judge Moukawsher’s misconduct in disbarring a zealous advocate for no cause in law. The unconstitutional drama of blog star Mouk approaches its one year anniversary, where the jewdicial machinery has ground to a stop, AAG Robert Deichert unable to pen a simple brief to defend miscreants Mouk and Adelman. A comedy of horrors plays out by chosen actors of the rabbinical court, masquerading as Superior Court of Connecticut. The cesspool of nutmeg jurisprudence stinks of jewish ideology. The nub of Mouk’s actions is unholy disbarment for calling out jews of family court for being jewish; voiding statutes, depriving… Read More »Sui Generis

    Forensic Fraud

      Did Judge Stuart Rosen of Hartford civil court just expose the scam of family court, calling out Dr. Linda Smith, PhD for fraud, on false claim of ‘forensic psychologist’ who can analyze custody disputes to decide what is best for a child? Blog famous jewish nut-job Dr. Linda Smith, a so called forensic psychologist, jewish pet of evil family court judges, is being sued by a father, for breach of contract for ‘professional services’, in the six year long custody dispute over little Odin Sakon.  Smith’s lawyer, the incompetent Cara Joyce of MorrisonMahoney got bitch slapped for arguing to dismiss the suit, wherein her argument exposes Smith is engaged in… Read More »Forensic Fraud

      Trans Shrinks

        Now comes famous Blog’s public service warning in protection of children from jews of Boston Children’s Hospital, a yeshiva cloaked in a medical institution, to butcher goy babies in jewish attack on goy. Spotlight Kerry McGregor, PsyD., the devil’s sister in human form. Her inhumane beliefs coupled with jewish brainwashing produces a child predator promoting butchering genitalia in mockery of goy children. She is so chosen that she knows babies become ‘trans’ in the womb, promoting jewish concept of ‘gender’ instead of human sex. No scientific method of proof, just jewish word-salad to promote deviancy. Jew speak sez murdering babies in the womb is ‘reproductive healthcare’, confiscating rifles from a… Read More »Trans Shrinks

        Bozzuto’s Charge

          Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto working to defeat judicial accountability by rule of Talmud