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Dr. Jessica Biren Caveryly PhD

Call For Papers!!

Have a CAVERLY custody evaluation? FrankReport wants to hear your story!!! FR Seeking Victims of Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, CT Family Court’s Notorious Custody Evaluator Frank Report is investigating Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, a psychologist specializing in suspect custody evaluation reports for CT Family Court. If she’s done a custody evaluation report for you, you may be a victim of a crime. Contact me at 305-783-7083 or… Read More »Call For Papers!!

Jewdicial Shit Show

CT Family Court: The ‘Children’s Best Interest’ Is the Best Interest of Attorneys, Psychologists and Wealthy, Abusive Fathers Who Pay Them From the FRANKREPORT. The children’s best interest. That’s what the divorce and custody case of Chris Ambrose versus Karen Riordan is about. Ambrose has had legal and physical custody of the couple’s three adopted Latino children since April 24, 2020. On that date, almost… Read More »Jewdicial Shit Show


The now-famous Blog provides public warning about the ‘custody evaluation’ ordered in Connecticut family court. The evaluator is blessed by the jewdiciary with ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY to which unsuspecting parents and unrepresented children will fall victim. The dangers of family court are constructed by the jew of the judicial branch under the soul-less black leadership of Chief Justice Richard Robinson. Never in the history of the… Read More »Warning!

Jew Questions

The jewdiciary of Connecticut employs word salad in the administration of justice to obscure matters to the extent of being unrecognizable in a civilized society for the sole purpose of raping childhood and draining family savings. Here is a list of ‘questions’ created by a jew judge which a jew psychologist is supposed to answer. Describe the overall psychological functioning of the child. Anyone want… Read More »Jew Questions

Absolute Immunity!

Discrimination is protected litigation practice in Connecticut Family Court!!! Mentally impaired Judge John David Moore, presiding judge of Litchfield Judicial District rules that court whores appointed by jew judges to malign mothers and rape childhood hold ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY by privilege created of jewdicial discretion by a doctrine not codified in law. Judge Moore claims that it is public policy to shield court whores from any… Read More »Absolute Immunity!


The big nigger in the black robe being the sworn chief jurist of Connecticut ruled today that the Fourteenth Amendment does not apply to family court, that liberties of pathetic citizens and their four-legged calves are under the complete control of the whim of a jew in a black robe. Welcome to the gulag, shut up, get in the box car, you need a shower.… Read More »Absolute!

Jooish Family Court

The now-famous Blog examines the conduct of Connecticut Family Court that exemplifies its jewish form, in all that is alien to American jurisprudence and way of life. Secret Bench Book The Secretary of the State holds copyright to a book that is hidden from the public. The bench book is listed in the Library of Congress Catalog, identifying Judge Support Services as publisher. The overpaid… Read More »Jooish Family Court

Candace Fay

Attorney Candace Fay of Danbury achieves instant blog star status for her leading role in the new video by Wayne Dolcefino. Candace practices jewish law right out of the Talmud. A chosen parasite fleecing veterans for shekels along with raping childhoods and bleeding family savings. Another fine example of the pettiness of a UCONN Law degree. Sole practitioner because no real law firm wants her… Read More »Candace Fay

Chris Ambrose: Part 8

The blog editors applaud the FrankReport on its continuing series exposing homosexual, pedophile Chris Ambrose and the doting jewish pedo players of the Connecticut Family Court who are victimizing Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, while sucking the family bank dry. Read directly at FrankReport, see the latest art-work depicting the jews of family court and their evil terror played out on innocent children. Satan is alive… Read More »Chris Ambrose: Part 8

FrankReport #6

The FrankReport has published its SIXTH installment of public scrutiny into the pedophile affairs of the Connecticut Family Court in the matter of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. The Chief Family Judge Michael Albis remains hidden in his Middletown chambers, hoping no one notices his complacency to child abuse under the color of state dissolution law, while hoping he does not become a headless floater in… Read More »FrankReport #6