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Christopher Ambrose: Part 9

Connecticut’s jewish game of rape childhood and drain family bank continues its steady march to the drumbeat of Zionism. Jew Judge Adelman dishes out more pain and suffering for the goy from his high bench of family court. This time he attacks a free press, triggering blow back from Dolfecino claiming Adelman is fair game! A judge of delusional mind, who thinks he will muzzle… Read More »Christopher Ambrose: Part 9


The over-educated legal beagles on blog staff spotlight the fallacy of Connecticut’s claim of ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY held by GALs raping childhoods and looting family savings. The point of common law is that no private contractor can serve with such blessed immunity anywhere in the constitutional framework of government. Immunity is a privilege conferred by the legislature upon a governmental office in execution of a civic… Read More »Fallacy

State Extortion

The over-educated blog staff has cause to explain the extortion racket run by the jewdiciary of Connecticut involving GAL fees. Recent publicity in the Ambrose case spotlights jew Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz of the jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf; her $180k+ worth of billed fees for providing nefarious legal representation of child’s best interest. No representation of due process, equal protection, or human decency, Jocelyn just… Read More »State Extortion

Frank Report #2: Chris Ambrose (High Risk)

The more that is written about Christopher Ambrose, the more the people of Connecticut realize that family court is a danger to children. Jews, Jews, and more Jews, trafficking innocent children. Why is it always the jews? Adelman, Grossman, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Caverly, team jew to rape the children. Public service message: Christopher Ambrose is abusing three children in his house at 381 Horse Pond Road… Read More »Frank Report #2: Chris Ambrose (High Risk)

Predator: Jocelyn Hurwitz

Time to take a peak at the child trafficking game of evil guardian ad litem Jocelyn Hurwitz of the nasty jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf. The jewdiciary feigns belief that a GAL is needed to dissolve a marriage. In reality, the GAL is only appointed when there are parents with money. Deceptively designed to represent the ‘best interests of the children’, the true role of… Read More »Predator: Jocelyn Hurwitz