Attorney Steve Levi

Ficeto’s Dick

Time for the now famous blog to highlight Judge Anna Ficeto’s dick and what drives her to ram it in the ass of childhood. Ficeto lives in Wolcott, Connecticut in a big house at 13 Diamond Rock Rd. She is a miscreant of a human and a deviant child predator. She is a heretic, taking communion as a mislabeled Catholic, keeping her beastly tail tucked… Read More »Ficeto’s Dick

Ficeto: Punishment By Child

The jewish miscreant masquerading as a Catholic, wearing a black robe, concealing her spiked tail does a constitutional Eighth Amendment smack down in the Connecticut cesspool of family court. Judge Anna Ficeto spews forth her demonic wrath upon a mother, ranting on the record that just punishment is served by isolating children from mom. Punishment by child is alive and well in the jewish gulag… Read More »Ficeto: Punishment By Child

Coleman Trafficking

Nigger boy Judge Eric Coleman displays incompetent abilities from the bench today in the continuing child trafficking case of Evie and Sofi Grohs of Watertown. A divorce case fueled by money and the demented mind of William J. Grohs that has gone on for eleven years and continues past his death. What the family court does to children in the name of lawyer feed is… Read More »Coleman Trafficking