Attorney Edward Nusbaum

Jooish Family Court

The now-famous Blog examines the conduct of Connecticut Family Court that exemplifies its jewish form, in all that is alien to American jurisprudence and way of life. Secret Bench Book The Secretary of the State holds copyright to a book that is hidden from the public. The bench book is listed in the Library of Congress Catalog, identifying Judge Support Services as publisher. The overpaid… Read More »Jooish Family Court

Nusbaum $68k

Attorney Edward Nusbaum, one of Connecticut’s most lecherous jew divorce lawyers pleads to intervene in the Ambrose case to bring contempt charges against a mother, who is a former client, for refusing to pay his fraudulent billing of $68k. Now this is funny! Eddy d’Jew is just a hustler in Westport who preys on folks with money. He is such a low life that all… Read More »Nusbaum $68k

Nusbaum The Joker!

The now famous blog spotlights Attorney Edward Nusbaum, a sad, pathetic, little excuse of a man whose mental delusion thinks he is worth $750/hr to practice family law in the cesspool of Connecticut courts. Oi vey, da jews have no shame. Another lecherous jew with a law degree camped out in Westport to prey on families with money. A clown who has spent his life… Read More »Nusbaum The Joker!