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Annie Lamont

Call To Arms!

    The sovereign people of Connecticut are called to arms by tyranny of their own government. Mothers seeking redress of grievances for the protection of their children are to be barred from the court by claim of Reneé Deichert’s deviant husband Robert. Pedo daddy Robert filed the State’s claim that mothers should not be able to use the court to plead for relief against unscrupulous state actors who rape children for profit. The court being the alternative to violence, the State of Connecticut wants violence! A call to arms! Crosses burn in the Highlands. The government has thrown the gauntlet, there will be no civilized court review of the abuse of… Read More »Call To Arms!

    Evil Political Wives of Corrupticut

      The now-famous blog takes note of the horrific policy decisions of Connecticut State officials, to ask the question: who is fucking these monsters? The taxpayer forks out huge salaries for officials who wreak havoc on the lives of private citizens under the claim of some elitist pubic policy. The blog is curious as to the ‘partners’ of these monsters. Let’s start with the governor’s hose bag, Annie Lamont. Annie Lamont, part of jewish venture capital scam, hater of goy, child predator, pedophile supporter. Annie has fucked Ned for years, sucks his dick, licks his balls, even takes it up the ass to please this monster. She sleeps in the bed… Read More »Evil Political Wives of Corrupticut


        Blog star William Tong, the chink Attorney General of Connecticut is in the spotlight, or perhaps more accurately stated, the cross-hairs. The geographically displaced chinese communist mole will soon take the pubic stage in support of state sponsored child abuse in response to a mother’s lawsuit filed against the State Mafia of pedophilia. General Tong’s own propaganda claims that protecting families is his top priority by standing up to ‘powerful’ forces that threaten all! But his own office refuses to help Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer when they sought protection, where Assistant Attorney General for Children, Steve Vitelli formally stated the state held no interest in protecting the abused kids, because… Read More »TONG!