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Victor Bolden

Deichert’s Answer

    The now-famous Blog spotlights the overworked and uneducated legal miscreant, Robert Deichert, who sucks up a state paycheck for fraud of masquerading as an attorney under Willie Tong, commie chink AG of Corrupticut.  Deichert has been unable to respond to the illegal disbarment of a mother’s attorney in over a year, still hitting WestLaw keys looking for answers, making excuses for failure to respond to writ of error. Deichert claims overload, having to answer a federal complaint on the same subject. Blog legal department provides Connecticut’s response to the federal complaint: Willie Tong, on behalf of the free people of Connecticut, sovereign citizens of the Republic, respond to complaint of… Read More »Deichert’s Answer

    Dumb Nigger Bolden

      The now-famous Blog spotlights federal Judge Victor Bolden, sitting on his dumb black ass in Bridgeport, Connecticut pretending to administer justice under the law of the land, whose decisions prove a big dumb nigger in a black robe, acting to harm a free society, another candidate for constitutional lynching, tree refreshment, in the name of liberty for all. This nigger is so stupid, he applies constitutional protections of due process to alien brown ‘spic kids, illegally dragged across the southern border by parents engaged in criminal conduct, while denying identical due process protections to children of Connecticut. In one case he uses the bench to bludgeon federal authorities with violation… Read More »Dumb Nigger Bolden

      Federal Showdown

        Connecticut’s Judge Thomas Moukawsher sued in federal court for violation of constitutional rights! The self-chosen nutmeg jewdicial elitists face reality of the U.S. Constitution, a federal court holds jurisdiction over rogue state actors who deprive citizens’ rights of due process and equal protection. Oi vey! U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden presides over claim of unconstitutional summary disbarment by state clown Thomas Moukawsher, jury trial demanded, for due process violation of rogue judge torching a lawyer for disliked advocacy; tyranny wears black robes.  Bring popcorn!  Blog star Robert Deichert, of AG Willie Tong’s office embarrasses a sovereign people arguing in defense of tyrannical conduct of Moukawsher, defying the Bill of Rights!… Read More »Federal Showdown