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Stephen Reich

Michael Reich

    The now-famous Blog spotlights jewdicial abuse of Michael Reich of Avon, Connecticut, a target of the state paedo ring, toy of the evil family court, now denied summer vacation on the Cape by retarded jewdicial miscreant Judge Thomas Moukawsher, who fucks over childhood to generate shekels for his demonic footsoldiers, preying on family bank for legal fees. The jewish ideology of childhood rape and familial destruction plays large on the Reich family, a sexually deviant father, an abused mother and a psychologically destroyed son. Oi vey, another state sponsored rape of childhood, a story that will not end well. This tragedy of jewdicial discretion has been going on for eleven… Read More »Michael Reich

    Nasty Nastri

      Another paedo case out of Hartford Family Court! A financial feast! Dad is good, mom is bad, son is molested by dad, mom is still bad, son hates dad, therapists, lawyers, guardians, DCF, mom is bad, dad has money, mom is really bad. The gravy train of Reich v Reich is in its tenth year of post-judgment litigation. Daddy has admitted to ‘playing’ with son Michael’s penis and other parts, proving mom right, exposing a deviant GAL paid to protect predatory daddy. But daddy has money, so Judge Nastri takes the kid away from mom! But dad is a child molester, so now child Michael belongs to the State of… Read More »Nasty Nastri