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SGT Zachary M Klomberg


    The insanity of the Connecticut criminal justice system is exemplified by exposing the incompetence of its individual players. Meet investigator Joseph M. McSweegan, a retard with an attitude and a badge who is paid by the state to provide professional investigative services to the blog famous nigger Gail Hardy, Hartford GA State’s Attorney. McSweegan works on the felony prosecution for custodial interference in the first degree of the mother of Sofi Couloute, brought by complaint of Matthew Couloute of Georgia. McSweegan sends an official letter to Matthew Couloute on letterhead of the state’s criminal justice system, which reveals fraud by Couloute and betrays misconduct by McSweegan while documenting malicious prosecution… Read More »McSweegan


      Time to question the integrity of the thin blue line of Bloomfield, Connecticut. The little sleepy pedophile hamlet where citizens fund local police to perform ‘favors’ for pedophiles, while trafficking children. Let’s look at the professional conduct of Officer Brendan Danaher who knowingly took a fabricated criminal complaint from the nefarious Matthew Condel Couloute of Cumming, Georgia on 11 January 2017 at 9pm in the evening. Why would a sworn law enforcement officer of Bloomfield take a complaint from a resident of Georgia about his child in New York? Child trafficking? You bet … the only reason! Danaher verifies Couloute’s identity and address from his driver’s license, which shows a… Read More »Integrity?