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Lynda Munro

Cruel Ruel

    The now-famous Blog of the all seeing ‘worst‘ kind spotlights sloppy trickery skills of Jim Ruel, a sleezy two-bit family court charlatan whose legal work leaves his clients hanging out years after he cashed his paycheck for ill gotten legal fees, and he thought no one would ever figure it out, now his former client Erik L. Kuselias, the CBS sportscaster stepped in it before Judge Christopher Griffin at New Haven. Blog sees all. Judge Griffin, a newbie judge, no brains, no training, no expertise in post-judgment trickery of clowns like Jim Ruel, Lynda Munro, Richard Callahan who conspire to scam a mom out of alimony and child support, to… Read More »Cruel Ruel

    Trans Shrinks

      Now comes famous Blog’s public service warning in protection of children from jews of Boston Children’s Hospital, a yeshiva cloaked in a medical institution, to butcher goy babies in jewish attack on goy. Spotlight Kerry McGregor, PsyD., the devil’s sister in human form. Her inhumane beliefs coupled with jewish brainwashing produces a child predator promoting butchering genitalia in mockery of goy children. She is so chosen that she knows babies become ‘trans’ in the womb, promoting jewish concept of ‘gender’ instead of human sex. No scientific method of proof, just jewish word-salad to promote deviancy. Jew speak sez murdering babies in the womb is ‘reproductive healthcare’, confiscating rifles from a… Read More »Trans Shrinks

      State Liability

        The now-famous Blog highlights massive financial liabilities facing state coffers for egregious conduct of family court judges thru heinous discretionary orders destroying mother-child bonds. The flaw of the best interest system of jewdicial ideology is the lack of due process, denial of fundamental rights, causing actionable damages against offending state governments, whereupon reaching majority age, aggrieved kids may sue for rape of childhood.  Blog risk management department examines nutmeg sovereign liability on abuse of discretion by Judges Heller, Ficeto, Schofield, Grossman, Adelman, Bozzutto, Solomon, Munro, Wetstone, Moukawsher, Albis, Coleman, Emons, all under the blackened soul-less leadership of CJ Richard Robinson, the ‘free at last’ destructor of rights.  No immunity shields… Read More »State Liability

        Judicial Kickbacks

          Connecticut Family Court Judges have financial interest in the legal fees, they get a cut.