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Lewis Lubell

Jewish Forensic Fraud

    Dr. Marc Abrams, snake-oil salesman, jewdicial pet of the NY family court system claims he performs FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY for the court, predicting the unpredictable, for shekels, applying joo voo doo, to provide baseless, biased, independent opinions of parents he does not know, and children he does not understand. Abrams has no purpose in life other than to talk to fools who wish to listen, he cannot prescribe any medicine, just spoken word, his opinions are not based in science, he is licensed by the state, from whose authority comes truth, he has no means to measure, test, conclude, there is no process for him to present a ‘diagnosis’ in family… Read More »Jewish Forensic Fraud

    Dr. Marc Abrams, PhD

      The now-famous Blog spotlights another kike ‘the-rapist’ of family court cesspool of New York State’s anti-motherhood jewdiciary, Dr. Marc Abrams of Mt. Kisco, NY. Abrams holds public distinction of being appointed by the rabbinical court of Judge Lewis Lubell, to execute a momectomy on the Kassenoff family of Larchmont, funded by the evil, mother hating, child abusing psycho Allan Kassenoff, a partner in the evil law firm of GreenbergTraurig, wielding undue power and influence to supplant the rule of law, using administrative ‘no fault’ divorce in character assassination, holding no legal cause. Blog notes the fabricated credentials of kike Abrams to fool ‘we the people’ that the study of humanity… Read More »Dr. Marc Abrams, PhD