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Kelly Brinkworth

Berserk Ball

    The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind spotlights the hot mess, constitutionally confused, court appointed attorney Kelly Ball of Buffalo, New York, who has lit her hair on fire, hyperventilating, having panic attacks that the public is watching her silliness ranting about existence of now-famous Blog, screaming about the word ‘nigger‘, now demanding an ’emergency’ hearing before Judge Thomas DiMillo to protest the First Amendment, all while being paid with state funds, under the management of the senile Linda Kostin, Esq. of Fourth Department’s attorney for children welfare program, which pays $75/hr to fund meritless, frivolous, vexatious arguments by ignorant lawyers, against public right to scrutiny of matters involving… Read More »Berserk Ball

    Couloute Restrained

      Blog star Matthew Couloute has been restrained by Judge Brinkworth of Erie County Family Court in protection of his abused daughter and battered ex-wife. The long arm of New York reached to Cumming, Georgia slapping a no-contact restraining order on the now-famous Blog star. Oi vey, the dumb nigger just can’t get enough Blog coverage, he has to flap his big nigger lips, threaten his daughter’s mother with elimination by hit squad, never see it coming, while he would be nowhere in sight, next his vodka soaked brain terrorizes his daughter, by threatening to drag mom back into court, whip his legal blackness on the white judge, and take the… Read More »Couloute Restrained