Judge Richard Robinson

Ficeto Threat

Judge Anna Ficeto shows her true self from the bench today in the ongoing child snatching case of Evie and Sofie Grohs of Watertown. The court of satan prevents the children from hugging their mother without stating a reason. Mother’s demand for proper visitation has been pending before the court for FOUR years. Evil Judge Ficeto toys with mother, now threatening to dismiss mother’s pleadings… Read More »Ficeto Threat

Frank Report #2: Chris Ambrose (High Risk)

The more that is written about Christopher Ambrose, the more the people of Connecticut realize that family court is a danger to children. Jews, Jews, and more Jews, trafficking innocent children. Why is it always the jews? Adelman, Grossman, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Caverly, team jew to rape the children. Public service message: Christopher Ambrose is abusing three children in his house at 381 Horse Pond Road… Read More »Frank Report #2: Chris Ambrose (High Risk)