Judge Rachel Rancilio

Domestic Enemy

Eric J. Smith, Macomb County Prosecutor Time to spotlight the home grown terrorists of Macomb County, Michigan, the elite crackers of the County Prosecutor’s Office under the defective leadership of Eric J. Smith, the chief law enforcement official of the county. The mental retard misrepresents himself to the public by claiming he speaks for the the victims of crime and ‘fights’ for the protection of… Read More »Domestic Enemy


Dig up all the skeletons in the court’s closet Here we go again! To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. In Macomb County, Michigan the rulers do not allow state employees in black robes to be singled out for putrid job performance. Meet Judge Rachel Rancilio a Catholic doing Satan’s work in a black robe by… Read More »Skeletons!