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Judge Elizabeth Stewart

Jew Court

The now-famous, WORST blog takes aim at the vagueness of Connecticut family court orders to expose the jewdical powers wielded by misplaced zealots sitting atop benches rooted in the Constitution. Another plain example that the family court is a jewish invention created to destroy the Christian concept of family, injecting jewish venom deep into the fabric of society for no humane purpose, just glee of… Read More »Jew Court

Fuck Off!

The now-famous Blog applies First Amendment scrutiny to discretionary matters in a public forum of Bridgeport Superior Court by jew Judge Elizabeth Stewart, in the cesspool of Connecticut. How jews override rule of law, shred the Constitution to fuck up goy children in an evil quest to destroy the concept of family, degrade motherhood, and herd four legged calves into the slaughterhouse of humanity. Oi… Read More »Fuck Off!

Judge Thomas Welch, AJ

The now-famous Blog spotlights Judge Thomas J. Welch, the head judge of the Fairfield Judicial District in the armpit of Bridgeport. This nutmeg retard earned a black robe from the deviant Dannel Malloy to promote destruction of society for the agenda of the chosen. Despite being educated at Holy Cross, this devil in disguise conceals Satan’s form under his black robe of justice. The moron… Read More »Judge Thomas Welch, AJ

Jew Questions

The jewdiciary of Connecticut employs word salad in the administration of justice to obscure matters to the extent of being unrecognizable in a civilized society for the sole purpose of raping childhood and draining family savings. Here is a list of ‘questions’ created by a jew judge which a jew psychologist is supposed to answer. Describe the overall psychological functioning of the child. Anyone want… Read More »Jew Questions

Lisa Kerin Snake Oil

The now-famous Blog highlights the jew family fleecing scam under the fabricated doctrine of ‘best interest’ of money for court whores like Lisa Kerin, a state licensed social worker who is chosen by Judge Elizabeth Stewart having skills of invading the privacy of parent-child bonds by directing state licensed snake oil vendor to perform undefined voo-doo on a goy family with chosen privilege. Oi vey,… Read More »Lisa Kerin Snake Oil