Jeffrey Dinowitz

NY Family Court Standards…Not!

The horse has spoken! The fat lady has sung! The cat is out of the bag! Dr. Robin M. Lynch, PhD, has stated under oath in a public hearing before the Chair of the Assembly Judiciary committee, Jeff Dinowitz, that the NY Family Court holds no standards for application of the nefarious court appointed ‘custody evaluator’! Dr. Lynch holds “grave concerns about the lack of… Read More »NY Family Court Standards…Not!


New York’s Jeffrey Dinowitz takes on forensic psycho-babble in family court. Just when you thought the jews had everything under control in family court, along comes Jeffrey Dinowitz, NY assemblyman from the Bronx to really confuse the issue. Jeff is chair of the state judiciary committee, Jeff is a jew, Jeff has lived forever in the Bronx, Jeff has never been through a divorce, Jeff… Read More »FORENSIC SCRUTINY?